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How To Open Zip File In WhatsApp

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Open Zip File In WhatsApp

In this article we will show you how to open zip file in WhatsApp, WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app, and it is a very cool and interesting social media platform where you can communicate with your friend and colleagues even you would be always connected with them in a single platform.

Apart from that you can also send and receive your conversation and media files like: video, images, documents, etc. So if we talk about the documents so WhatsApp supports many files format that can be sent and receive like: PDF and ZIP at all, even you can open directly inside WhatsApp app.

However, if you have received ZIP file in your WhatsApp application so how to open it, so it is very simple to open zip file in WhatsApp, and basically here we will discuss about this trick, how to open zip file in WhatsApp.

It is a simple process that will allow you to backup all your chat in a matter of minutes, you will be sent a mail containing your WhatsApp chat in the form of .txt and .zip file which is containing your messages and media file respectively, but if you want to open your zip file directly in WhatsApp so it is quite difficult to do because to open zip file format we need to help zip file supporter app in our smart phone so we have a third-party app which helps you to open zip file in WhatsApp.

Step By Step Guide On How to open zip file in WhatsApp

By using third-party app that is “mi file manager” you can open zip file on your smart phone as well as in WhatsApp, so let’s begin the process how to open zip file in WhatsApp. Follow the steps which are given below:

  • First, download and install “mi file manager” on your android smart phone from play store.

    How to open zip file in WhatsApp

  • After installing the app you have to go to the WhatsApp and open it.
  • Then go to the conversation and download the zip file to tap arrow button.
  • Then tap on the zip file. Now tap on extracts files to, just once at least tap on extract (if you have multiple file managers, you may see many option, but use “mi file manager” to extract the file).
  • Once the process completes, open the mi file manager or any file manager app and go inside the all law PDFs by writing law folder. You will find everything in it.

    How to open zip file in WhatsApp

Conclusion :-

This is the very simple way to open or unzip file in WhatsApp, even if you have another zip file in your phone storage, so you can also open it by using this app and I hope this article on how to open zip file in WhatsApp helps you.