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About ❯ is a Tech website where we cover Tech Reviews, Tech News, Tech How-To Guides, 10 Best Kind of articles and other Tech related articles as well.

We started this website in 2019 October since then we are growing rapidly with a very good speed and planning to touch our first milestone of 1 million users by the end of this year.

In TalkersTech we have a very high qualified and highly knowledgeable team of writers who write our articles, currently we have a team of more than 7 people who are working on and helps it achieve its goals in less time.

All the content of TalkersTech are fresh and well researched content thanks to our team of writers and editors who work so hard in providing you best solutions and help from our articles.

About Founder Mudit Jain ❯

TalkersTech is founded by Mudit Jain he is a professional blogger and an experienced web developer.

Mudit developed and founded more than 15+ websites till now and owned and running multiple websites, he has also owned and worked in 2 startups, one was in B2B sector and one was in E-commerce sector.

Mudit is now working and planning to start 2 startups one in Finance sector and another in social media sector and planning to launch them next year hopefully.

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Mission Behind ❯

Our one and only aim to provide the best possible content in Tech industry to our readers and providing the best possible reading experience to our readers which is the most important thing.

To help our readers and to provide a real and working solutions to some of the difficult task in Tech world and also to provide unbiased and good quality Tech reviews and guides.

Milestones Achieved By ❯

Till now we have helped more than 100,000 readers or provided value to more than 100,000 people since our launch and published 100's high quality articles on our website which is indeed an achievement for us.

Future Plans Of ❯

We are planning to publish around 5,000 articles by the end of this year and eyeing for a million readers a month.

We are also planning to launch some Tech Tools and wanted to diversify our content into more categories.

Contact ❯

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