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How To Change Google Assistant Name

🕐 1 Aug 23

How To Change Google Assistant Name

In this article we will show you the solution of how to change google assistant name, Google Assistant is an amazing feature by google which makes your life simple.

Google Assistant interact with your phone and with other google products too to make your work easier.

Google Assistant can control your music, searches, modifications read and can control your device to your smart home.

So, it is your virtual friend. you can customize it fully by changing its voice and name too, by this you will feel more personalized.

By following steps which is given below you can change your google assistant name across different google product.

Google assistant does not have the options to change its wake word like ALEXA.

But you can change what google assistant calls you, regardless of the google device you access the AI with.

By default, it uses the name you have save in your google account, to change your nickname and how google assistant will reply to you follow these steps.

Step By Step Guide On How To Change Google Assistant Name :-

  1. Open the google app from the home of your screen.
  2. Now select settings.
  3. After than from the given options list select more settings.
  4. Now click on NICKNAME option under the tab.
  5. You can now enter the NICKNAME, either by typing or voice so that google assistant can pronounce it correctly.

So, by this your nickname is changed. but sometimes people want to change the name of google assistant so they don’t have to say “OK GOOGLE” every time they want to give voice command to it.

Officially google home app does not offer this kind of feature yet, you can perform this by using a THIRD-PARTY APP called open Mic+ for this process.

Steps to change name of your google assistant by third party app:

  1. Open the google assistant app on your device by saying “HEY GOOGLE”.
  2. Now on google home app you have to open explore menu; you can do this by pressing compass.
  3. Now click on your profile button.
  4. Select settings option available there. How To Change Google Assistant Name
  5. Click onto the Assistant devices.
  6. Type the device you want to change.
  7. Now turn off the access with voice match off.
  8. Download the open mic + app. How To Change Google Assistant Name
  9. Click on the setting option from the drop down box , which will appear when you click on the line icon on the top left corner of your screen. How To Change Google Assistant Name
  10. Click hot phrase.
  11. Tap in the NEW NAME you want to call the google assistant.
  12. Click ok.
  13. You can now press the start button and call google assistant by its new name.

Sometimes open mic + app create error or not working, in this condition you can use tasker app from the google play store. but keep in mind it is not a free app like the open mic + .

Conclusion :-

So, changing the name of the Google Assistant is done by simply following above mentioned steps.

Now you can do it by yourself too. I hope you enjoyed the article and understand the way too.

I hope this article on how to change google assistant name helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.