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How To Unbanned Gb WhatsApp

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Unbanned Gb WhatsApp

In this article we will show you how to unbanned GB WhatsApp Imagine if you received a situations in which your number gets ban like by sending bulk messages then you want to run it for long time, because it is against terms and conditions and also the use of mod version (like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp plus or OG version)

If you are using those app then you will definitely receive a message “your app is temporary banned”, sending inappropriate contents it is also against the terms and policy, if you are using an unofficial version of app, in this case your account will be banned temporary but if you are posting illegal contents and bulk messages in that can your account will be ban permanently, so let we know how to come out of it.

Benefits Of GBWhatsApp

Before starting the process of unbanned GBWhatsApp let us discuss the extra features of GBWhatsApp, first of all it’s a mod version of official WhatsApp but many of the users like this version because it provides more additional features and official WhatsApp doesn’t provide now, you can hide your last seen, hide second tick, hide blue tick, adding stickers from third party app, send long voice massage without constantly touch the voice icon, GBWhatsApp has its own don’t disturb mod (DND) which will disable internet in GBWhatsApp, make calls to non-contact number, so the options are unlimited in this app.

But Facebook owned WhatsApp doesn’t want you to have all these freedom for reason best known to them, that’s why if you are using this mod version soon you will get message from official WhatsApp “your WhatsApp is temporarily banned”, they were being forced to go back to the official version that’s Facebook owned.

How Can You Unban GBWhatsApp?

Conclusion :-

If you are using update version of GBWhatsApp (update version 7.0) which is based on the official WhatsApp that has brings some cool feature, top of which is the anti-ban feature, so avoid the temporary ban from WhatsApp with the latest update version, your account will not be banned by WhatsApp, so I hope you this article on how to unbanned GB WhatsApp helps you.