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How to send WhatsApp message to unknown number

Last Updated : Sep 24, 2020

How to send WhatsApp message to unknown number

If you are WhatsApp users as you will be seen in your WhatsApp app there are many numbers saved without name in your WhatsApp list with whom you can chat as well so in this article we will show you how to send WhatsApp message to unknown number.

Now WhatsApp is a very popular app all around the world, it has more than 2.5 million users, this is most popular messaging application for everyone, its feature also impress anyone and day-by-day WhatsApp is growing with their plane and features one of the very interesting features today we discuss to WhatsApp lovers, how to send messages to unknown number

However the users have to face a huge problem when they are trying to send message an unknown person without necessarily having to save the number. So, there is a very simple way to send WhatsApp messages to someone without saving their number on the phone which is unknown for you and it doesn’t require any third party app.

This can sometime prove to be harmful to your phone’s privacy and may also get your account ban. But I will help you to resolve this issue and show you how to send message to an unknown number, and its work for both IOS and android users.

How to send message to an unknown number on WhatsApp

It is a very complicated process but you will do at once then it will easy for you next time, so let’s start the step-by-step process which is given below:

  • First you need to open your preferred browser like: chrome or Firefox or safari or UC browser and go to the web address.
  • Then you have to create a WhatsApp link for the number that will allow you to start chat with them, by clicking the link, a chat with the person automatically opens.
  • Then type the following link in search bar like: “http://api/ number with country and region code(without any + or - or 00)
  • Like if you want to chat with number +91XXXXXXXXXX (add your mobile number after+91) in Indian, you would go to URL:
  • Then click on enter button on your smartphone.
  • Then, a WhatsApp window will open and asking if you want send a message to that number, press send message.
  • You will automatically be redirected to WhatsApp, and start chatting window to the person you entered in your phone.

Conclusion :-

I hope you like this article on how to send WhatsApp message to unknown number and now you will be understood this trick, how smartly you can chat with any unknown number.