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How To Put Youtube Video On Whatsapp Status In iphone

Last Updated : May 26, 2020

How To Put Youtube Video On Whatsapp Status In iphone

If you want to put YouTube Video in iPhone as your WhatsApp status you have definitely come across the right article. In this article we will show you how to put youtube video on whatsapp status in iphone.

Although WhatsApp is not a social network, yet it lets users’ stories just as we have in Facebook or Instagram. These stories or status updates can be photos, videos, GIFs, texts, and links which can be put up for twenty-four hours after which it gets deleted.

Now there are some users who want to put up their favourite YouTube videos as Status updates. This can be easily done in mainly two ways:

  • Posting the YouTube link.
  • Placing the video directly in the status.

I will discuss each of them in detail for the users:

1. Posting the YouTube link.

  • Go to the YouTube App on your Smartphone.
  • Select the video and then click the share option.
  • Tap on the WhatsApp option in the Share section.
  • You will be directed to the WhatsApp My Status option on the top of the screen.
  • Click on “My Status” and then proceed by clicking on the green arrow at the bottom of the screen.
  • After you click on the green arrow it will take you to the status page where you can customize the background as you wish.
  • You can customize by changing the background colours, images and add emojis etc.
  • Finally, tap on the green arrow icon to post the status to your contacts.

2. Placing the video directly in the status.

This is another option where the user can download the video from YouTube and then share it as a WhatsApp Status. Natively with YouTube it is not possible to download the video. This can be done with some of the websites which allow the users to download the video with your smartphone browser.

The user can also download the videos through his or her PC and then transfer them to the phone. Currently with the status feature it is not possible to share any video more than thirty seconds. So, the user must be aware that only a snippet of the video as a status.

Below I have laid down few simple steps on how to add the YouTube video in your iPhone as a WhatsApp status:

  • Open WhatsApp and then click on the status tab.
  • Select the My Status option.
  • Choose the video from the gallery that you want to set.
  • Next you will see the message that only thirty seconds of the video can be posted.
  • Adjust the markers into the portion of the video that you want to post.
  • You can add some text, emojis etc.
  • Lastly click on the green arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen to post the video as your status.

Conclusion :-

That’s it. You are done. So basically, these are the two ways by which you can update your status with a video in your iPhone. Hope this article on how to put youtube video on whatsapp status in iphone helps you.