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How To Find Deleted Chats On Whatsapp

Last Updated : May 27, 2020

How To Find Deleted Chats On Whatsapp

Looking to find your accidentally deleted WhatsApp chats or your archive chats that you have deleted but need them now. You have definitely come across the right article. In this article we will show you how to find deleted chats on whatsapp.

Reflashing your phone or upgrading to a new phone can also result in losing your valuable messages. The user might get the idea that his/her messages are lost forever.

But this may not be the case anymore with some of the recent Apps that can be installed in one’s mobile. Three ways to retrieve your WhatsApp deleted messages are discussed in this article, the user can choose from any one of them suits him best.

1. Backup from Google Drive

This is by far the easiest way to retrieve your deleted chat history/messages. The user simply needs to uninstall his WhatsApp from his device and then reinstall it. On reinstalling the App asks for a verifying number, after the number is verified, the user is asked if he/she wants to backup the copy of the chat history from the google drive or import a local file with the chat history.

how to find deleted chats on whatsapp

The local file here may be the phones SD card or phones internal memory.

2. Ease US Data Recovery Wizard

This App can be downloaded from the PlayStore. But it works only when the user has intentionally kept backups of his old WhatsApp chats on his computer.

There is a ‘deep scan’ option in the App which helps in retrieving old messages/chats. A free version of the App is available these days which goes by the name ‘Recuva’ and it has more or less the same functionality.

But one thing must be kept in mind that the data that is to be retrieved must have been saved within a particular span of time. Very old chats/messages cannot be retrieved by this method. Recovering the data using the App can be explained in four simple steps:

  • Select the disk in the computer where the data was saved.
  • ‘Scan’ option needs to be clicked.
  • Sort the files according to its type.
  • Use the ‘Recover’ command to restore the deleted file.

3. Undeleter App

For this App to work one has to root access (super rights) the device. The App can be downloaded from the Playstore. The Undeleter App retrieves the deleted messages/chats by a thorough scan of the phones internal memory.

how to find deleted chats on whatsapp

Conclusion :-

Disk Digger for Android is another popular App which is used to restore lost WhatsApp conversations. Both the SD cards and phones internal memory can be scanned by the App and it is best suited for recovering WhatsApp files/photos and videos.

Hope this article on how to find deleted chats on whatsapp helps you in finding their lost valuable chats. Each of the ways for retrieving deleted chats can be easily tried by the user and one can choose whichever works for them.