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Validity Of Amazon Pay Balance

Last Updated : Dec 6, 2022

Validity Of Amazon Pay Balance

In this article we will show you the solution of validity of amazon pay balance, Amazon pay balance is a digital wallet with help the Amazon users to add money online in order to purchase and item easily.

The validity of Amazon balance is one year and after this duration it expires automatically.

With the help of a few tricks you can easily extend the validity of Amazon pay balance.

In case you are looking for a solution on how to increase the validity of Amazon pay balance this is the right article for you just follow the steps given below in order to increase validity of Amazon pay balance

Step By Step Guide On Validity Of Amazon Pay Balance :-

  1. Open Google Chrome on your browser.
  2. In the search bar type Amazon
  3. Now Click on the official website of the Amazon to proceed further.
  4. Now you need to log in to your account. Enter your mobile number or Email address and password to successfully login to your account.
  5. Now from the Amazon official website you need to purchase a product which has a value over your Amazon pay balance.
  6. For example if you have Rupees 100 in your Amazon pay balance then the item that you need to purchase from Amazon website must be more than rupees hundred.
  7. Once you enter the product into your Amazon card you need to to proceed further for checkout.
  8. In the checkout and payment page you will see various payment option such as debit card, credit card, net banking, other UPI ID and others.
  9. You need to scroll down through the payment method paid to search for the Amazon pay balance option.
  10. Now for the payment of this product you need to pay with your Amazon pay balance and the rest amount which is higher than the value should be paid with the net banking method.
  11. Now click on the auction proceed placed at the bottom to complete the order.
  12. After selecting net banking as your payment option you will be redirected to the netbanking page.
  13. Now you need to close the payment window or Tab on your device.
  14. After this you will receive an email and message on your registered mobile number with the statement with inform that we have refunded your Amazon pay balance to your registered Amazon account.
  15. Now you need to launch the Amazon account again and check the validity of the Amazon pay balance which will be extended to one year.

Conclusion :-

In this article we have discussed a step-by-step guide on how you can check the validity of Amazon pay balance in order to save the money for future use.

I hope this article on validity of amazon pay balance helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.