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Instagram Blocked My Account

Last Updated : Nov 21, 2022

Instagram Blocked My Account

In this article we will show you the solution of Instagram blocked my account, Instagram is very strict in case of keeping the community safe and Allowance of the content you share on Instagram.

When your Instagram account is blocked it can be a very frustrating and confusing situation for you and you must be looking for all the reasons why Instagram has blocked your account.

Well in this article we will discuss the possible reason why Instagram blocked your account.

One of the most common reasons for blocking your account by Instagram is violating the rules of Instagram, look at the reasons given below to find out why Instagram blocked your account.

Step By Step Guide On Reason Why Instagram Blocked My Account :-

Reason 1 - Violating Community Guidelines Of Instagram

  1. Instagram has set out some guidelines that every user need to follow.
  2. If you break these guidelines then Instagram will immediately block your account.
  3. These community guidelines and rules play an essential role in order to keep the Instagram users happy and safe.
  4. Sometimes it is possible that you have broken a rule or guideline of instagram without even realizing it.
  5. In order to avoid getting blocked by Instagram you need to follow the rules while posting your content on Instagram.
  6. Your Instagram account can be blocked for posting violent content. Instagram ask its users to be very careful while posting newsworthy content.
  7. It also shows the message that some of your post don't follow the community guideline due to which your account can be deleted.
  8. If you post something that goes against the Instagram guidelines and your account can be deleted which means it will remove all your archived messages followers and post.
  9. Instagram automatically delete content that violates the community guidelines such as post comment or story.

Reason 2 - Copyright Content

  1. Your Instagram account can be blocked in case you are posting copyrighted content on your feed.
  2. Always try to give credit where ever the credit is due while posting it on your account.
  3. In case you face a situation where your Instagram content is reposted or copied without giving credit then you can avoid getting your Instagram account blocked by simply filing a report of copywriting.

Reason 3 - Using Bots

  1. Users Now use the automated bots to increase their likes comments and followers.
  2. This is one of the most common reasons why your Instagram account is blocked.
  3. In order to avoid getting blocked by Instagram you'll always need to make sure that you are organically increasing your engagement growth.
  4. Instagram keeps a record of your account and it will also a lot of the potential using of bot and can block your account due to this reason.

Conclusion :-

In this article we have discussed some of the most common reasons why Instagram blocked your account.

I hope this article on Instagram blocked my account helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.