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How To Watch YouTube TV On MacBook

Last Updated : Sep 3, 2021

How To Watch YouTube TV On MacBook

In this article we will show you how to watch YouTube tv on MacBook, working on MacBook is really exciting for its wonderful features. But a drawback to MacBook is that you cannot have YouTube app in it.

YouTube is a platform with millions and billions of videos full of content. Anyone can entertain themselves on internet for several hours.

It is one of the platforms that can be helpful to your personal growth as well as the growth of community, it can entertain people with different views about life and many other topics that we may have never heard of.

YouTube had become one of those handy instruments or devices that help a lot of people when they need help. For example if you are in the middle of the road with tire puncture alone, YouTube can help you teach how to repair it on your own.

It is actually a life saver app when people are forgetting things or not paying attention to them. It is essential but MacBook sometimes do not support it. Then the question arises on how to have it in your MacBook.

Well the answer it is pretty but requires few steps and time of yours. We believe our readers must know how to watch YouTube on MacBook without any issue and interruption.

In this particular article, we will be focusing on ethical hacks on how to enable yourself to watch YouTube on MacBook when it is not supporting the app.

We prefer to work on legal hacks and legal options as we do not want our readers to face any consequences in the future for illegal actions. So let us follow these easy steps and learn how to do that without getting into any issue or illegal problem within few minutes.

Step By Step Guide On How To Watch YouTube Tv On MacBook :-

  1. Open your MacBook and look for Safari app.
  2. Once the Safari app is open, it works as a search engine. Search and visit the website on Safari.
  3. Now you have to look for the option “Download Chrome for Mac” button and tab on it
  4. You have to open the “download folder” and then proceed to open ‘googlechrome.dmg’ file. Now select the Chrome from the list and follow the instructions on-screen.
  5. Once this is done, drag Chrome icon to the Applications folder, open the finder and click on the “eject” button next to Google Chrome.
  6. Now that these steps are followed, go back to Application Folder and open it and final is to open the Chrome.
  7. Search “” on the Chrome and listen or watch the videos on MacBook that you want to watch.

Conclusion :-

Once this is done, you can enjoy all the types of videos on your MacBook without any problem and interruption. This is how you watch YouTube TV on MacBook. I hope this article on how to watch YouTube tv on MacBook helps you.