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How To Watch Netflix On TV From iPhone

🕐 9 Apr 23

How To Watch Netflix On TV From iPhone

In this article we will show you how to watch Netflix on tv from iPhone, in today’s age and day of a digital world, all companies aim at providing their customers with the best user-experience that brings them back.

This essentially implies that they strive to make their platform more alluring and tempting. Netflix is an online media streaming app that allows you to watch your favorite shows and TV as per your convenience and liking.

Its wide variety and affordable, high quality content makes it an extremely popular platform among people for all age groups.

In this article, we will see how you can watch Netflix from your iPhone on your TV just follow the steps as explained in the points below and you will be done in no time.

Step By Step Guide On How To Watch Netflix On Tv From iPhone :-

  1. In order to begin the process, make sure that the internet connection or wi-fi is working normally and is connected to both, your mobile phone and your TV.
  2. Now, unlock your iPhone using whatever password or pattern or use your touch-button to unlock your device.
  3. Now navigate through the phone to get to the ‘Netflix’ app icon.
  4. As soon as you do this, you will be taken to the next page. Here, all the profiles made on your account will be displayed.
  5. Click on the profile icon you wish to use.
  6. As soon as you do this, you will be taken to the homepage of the profile.
  7. Here, you will be able to see all the latest launches and releases, shows you have been watching, different genres, like drama, comedy, action, etc. to choose from.
  8. From this wide variety, browse through to choose the title that you wish to watch and click on it to start watching it.
  9. Tap on the ‘Cast’ icon located in the top left corner of the page.
  10. Now open the Control centre from the screen.
  11. From the options available, tap on the ‘Screen Mirroring’ option.
  12. This will further open a list with all the available devices. From this list, you will need to choose the name of your TV to connect with the iPhone.
  13. Give it a few seconds and once the devices are connected, the titles that you are playing on Netflix iPhone app will be streamed to your TV immediately.

Conclusion :-

This is how you can watch Netflix on your TV from an iPhone and I hope this article on how to watch Netflix on tv from iPhone helps you and the steps and methods mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.