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How To Watch Amazon Prime On Smart TV

Last Updated : Oct 18, 2021

How To Watch Amazon Prime On Smart TV

In this article we will show you how to watch amazon prime on smart tv, there are various mediums on which you can watch Amazon Prime but here we will talk about how to watch movies or your favorite show on smart TV.

There are various modes of watching the Amazon Prime like Computer, Smart TV, mobile devices, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Apple TV

Note- You must have a portable device for connection and an Amazon Prime subscription in order to enjoy the benefits of watching your favorite movie or a series.

You do not have an Amazon Prime subscription, sadly you cannot connect it to smart tv or watch any movie.

Creating Amazon Prime Video Account :-

If you do not have a subscription no need to worry, With few easy steps you can purchase the membership after filling details and enjoy the benefits of Prime membership.

    You need to create an account by adding basic details like your name and email. In order to secure your Prime video account

    Next you need to submit payment details. Amazon provides the flexibility of accepting all modes of payment like credit card and debit card. After purchasing the Prime membership, you will get a lot of benefits like free shipping, fast delivery, and Ad-free music after you sign up.

Step By Step Guide On How To Watch Amazon Prime On Smart TV :-

  1. Switch on your Smart TV.
  2. Search for the Amazon Prime TV app on your homepage.
  3. If you do not find an Amazon Prime TV app, you need it from the Play Store.
  4. After downloading the Amazon Prime app, you need to sign in.
  5. If you already have an account, you can simply put your username along with a password and it will simply open your account on smart TV.
  6. In case you do not have an account of Prime, you need to purchase a subscription in order to watch movies or series.
  7. After Signing in, notification will appear on your Smart TV. It will represent a code through which you can open your Amazon Prime app.
  8. Type the code as provided in the notification. Press go and then enter.
  9. Now your Amazon Prime is open on your smart TV and you can browse various types of shows and movies.

Amazon Prime lets you see and download various genres of movies like Comedy, thriller, action, crime, romance, mystery, horror and science fiction.

You can browse through the homepage of Amazon Prime in order to watch all the shows and movies available on the app.

Amazon Prime also provides subtitles helping you to easily watch and understand the show.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to watch amazon prime on smart tv helps you, in this article we covered an essential guide and we also mentioned the advantages offered by Amazon Prime in this article. Steps mentioned in this article are quite easy to follow.

In this generation we all love to watch our favorite show or movie on a big screen like Smart TV. The steps to watch Amazon prime on smart TV is tricky, but we have presented you in a simplified way.