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How To Voice Type In Hindi In WhatsApp

Last Updated : Jan 18, 2021

How To Voice Type In Hindi In WhatsApp

In this article we will show how to voice type in Hindi in WhatsApp, WhatsApp is a social media application which solely provides best texting-chatting experience with other features too it makes texting easy and experience-rich for people as it provides way too many emojis to deliver every expression of the user.

It provides us stickers which we can send stickers depicting the trending memes around the world. It also offers features like calls over internet both voice call and video call.

WhatsApp also allows us to share many media files like image file, video files and document files too. Links are also an option given by WhatsApp which can be shared. Audio files has the spotlight for this article, various audio files can be sent via WhatsApp.

In this article we will tell you how can share voice message in WhatsApp in Hindi language. Voice messages are really an amazing feature provide by WhatsApp to us users and a voice message in your own native language is even better.

Voice message is a message which can be sent to a contact on the go, like you can record the audio at the moment and send it right away to your friend or a family member.

When WhatsApp gave us the option to share recorded voice messages it was great, but sending voice notes is just amazing. Also in the situations of emergency an individual will speak their native language.

Step By Step Guide On How To Voice Type In Hindi In WhatsApp :-

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Select the contact to whom you want to send the voice message.
  • On the bottom-right there is an icon with a mic on it.
  • For assist, icon is marked in the picture attached below.

    How To Voice Type In Hindi In WhatsApp

  • Now as long as you will hold the mic icon, it will record your voice message but when you will remove your finger from the icon it will send the recorded voice message right away.

    How To Voice Type In Hindi In WhatsApp

  • Record the message is Hindi and send it.
  • So make sure that you get a practise of this exercise and make use of it in needy moments.

Conclusion :-

Now you can also make use of this amazing feature, it is really good and can be used in scenarios of emergency like if you had an accident you can use it or if you are lost in a place and you are panicking you can use it.

This type of feature should be available in every texting-application. I hope this article on how to voice type in Hindi in WhatsApp helps you.