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How To Verify YouTube Account On Computer

Last Updated : Jun 10, 2021

How To Verify YouTube Account On Computer

In this article we will show you how to verify YouTube account on computer, are you a Youtuber who has just started their channel or are you looking forward to getting your account verified.

Well, in this article we are going to explore all the steps involved in getting your YouTube channel verified on the computer.

Did you know that once you get your channel verified, you can have access to a lot more features? The features that you weren't even aware of.

Step By Step Guide On How To Verify YouTube Account On Computer :-

Let's not wait further and hop straight into the step by step methods to getting your YouTube channel verified.

  • The very first step requires you to switch on your computer, after which you need to go to! There, log in to your account on the page.

    How To Verify YouTube Account On Computer

  • Now that you are logged in to your account, you need to click on the 'addition features '. You will find this option right below your account.
  • Verify is the next option that you will find. Click on the verify button on your computer screen.
  • After you choose 'verify', you will be needed to provide your phone number. In this case, you will either choose to receive a text or a call for your verification process. You will be given the option where you need to choose the name of the country you live in.

    How To Verify YouTube Account On Computer

  • On choosing the 'phone call ' option, they will ask you to click on the confirm button. This will further need you to fill in your necessary details.

    How To Verify YouTube Account On Computer

  • Type out your phone number on the screen and then click on the submit button.
  • You will have a six-digit verification code sent in your phone by YouTube. You need to enter those digits on your screen. Click on the next option that you find which is the 'submit' button.
  • Your process gets completed once you get that confirmation message on your phone. Choose to click on the 'continue option' and you will be taken back to the features of your YouTube account.
  • You will find the term 'verified' on your YouTube account. Along with that you will find a tick mark just under your channel's name.

    How To Verify YouTube Account On Computer

Benefits Of A Verified Account :-

For everyone who has created their channel and is new to YouTube, they can only post those videos that are less than fifteen minutes.

But that problem gets solved when your account is verified. You are then able to post videos longer than just fifteen minutes!

If you wish to customize your own thumbnails and add them to your videos, that is possible too, on verifying your account. You can even have Live Streams!

You get to appeal content claims once you have a verified YouTube account! Alas, these features are not available to anyone with an unverified YouTube account.

Conclusion :-

This lets you know that now, your YouTube account is a verified one, and you can avail of any features that couldn't before.

We hope we delivered every information you needed to get your account verified on the computer. Now you are just a few clicks away from your goals. I hope this article on how to verify YouTube account on computer helps you.