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How To Upload Video On Youtube In Jio Phone

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Upload Video On Youtube In Jio Phone

In this article we will show you how to upload video on youtube in jio phone, YouTube has an ever-increasing user base. The online video-sharing giant has over 2 billion users plus 50 million content creators.

YouTube has massive popularity in India, more and more people get into content creation every day. YouTube creators earn a generous amount of money from ads.

Some creators even earn six figures. So if you want to get into content creation and earn some money then YouTube might just be the option for you.

Remember, to earn money from YouTube you will first need to monetize your channel and there are some conditions for that.

You can upload videos on YouTube from any device be it a laptop, smartphone, or even a Jio Phone. But before we get into video uploading let’s see what are the conditions to monetize your YouTube channel. The conditions are:

  1. Your channel should have more than a thousand subscribers in one year
  2. Your videos should have a watch time of more than four thousand hours
  3. Your channel should not have more than 3 copyright strikes

It takes to monetize the YouTube channel and it’s not easy but it is worth the try. For many YouTube is their workplace and some only do it for fun.

Now let’s get back to how to upload a video onYouTube from your Jio Phone. As long as your Jio phone has a stable internet connection you can easily upload videos from it.

Note:- YouTube videos generally have a good video and audio quality so if you want your video to be liked and viewed by people then you might want to use a better device because Jio Phones do not have the desired specifications.

Step By Step Guide On How To Upload Video On Youtube In Jio Phone :-

You can easily upload videos on YouTube from your Jio Phone using the YouTube app or from the web. Follow the steps given below to know how!

  1. Unlock your Jio Phone and turn on the internet
  2. Now go to the YouTube app. You will find the app in the app gallery.
  3. After opening the app go to the account settings, there you will find My channel, click on it. Once you will open your channel you will see an upload option.
  4. Select the video you want to upload from your gallery
  5. Now enter the title and description. These two help people to find your video on YouTube, make sure you give a proper title and description to your video
  6. Now click on proceed to continue uploading the video. You will need a strong internet connection to upload a video on youTube.

Conclusion :-

YouTube provides you with an amazing platform to showcase your talent. You can upload your videos to YouTube even with your Jio Phone.

In this article we provided you with a step-by-step guide to uploading videos on YouTube with Jio Phone. I hope this article on how to upload video on youtube in jio phone helps you.