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How To Unlink Facebook From Spotify

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Unlink Facebook From Spotify

In this article we will show you how to unlink Facebook from Spotify, Spotify help the users to also set up their account using the Facebook ID as Spotify authentication.

It means in case the user is already logged into Facebook on the browser he or she can easily launch the Spotify web player.

When you want to disconnect Facebook from Spotify you need to make sure that you can get into your account after you unlink the Spotify by creating a new password.

When you link your Spotify account to your Facebook then it quickly share your listening taste to the Facebook and also help you to easily connect with the friends that you have made on Facebook on the Spotify.

Looking for a solution on how to unlink Facebook from Spotify this is the right article for you.

Step By Step Guide On How To Unlink Facebook From Spotify :-

Using Facebook On Phone.

  1. You need to open Facebook on your phone.
  2. Enter your email address and password in case you are not logged in to your account.
  3. Now click the three horizontal lines placed at the top right corner on your Android phone.
  4. The menu will show various options such as help and support, see more, settings and privacy, logout and others.
  5. Click the downward Arrow place next to the option settings and privacy.
  6. The drop-down menu will show other tabs such as settings, privacy and shortcuts, your time on Facebook and others.
  7. Click the options settings.
  8. It will show various options related to security and login, apps and website, instant games and others.
  9. You need to click the option app and website placed under the security section.
  10. Under app and website click the option edit placed next to logged in with Facebook.
  11. When you click the option edit you will see all the active expired and remove devices that are linked with the Facebook account.
  12. You can easily manage the information that you want to share or remove from any app or website with the help of this tab.
  13. Under active section you will see the Spotify account if it is linked to Facebook account.
  14. Click the option edit next to Spotify.
  15. Now scroll down and search for the option remove app.
  16. You need to click the option remove which is placed at the bottom of the list.
  17. A pop-up will appear on your screen with will inform you that if you remove Spotify, it will delete your Spotify account and activity.
  18. Click the option remove in order to unlink Facebook from Spotify.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to unlink Facebook from Spotify helps you and in this article we covered and essential guide on how you can unlink Facebook from Spotify using Facebook on phone.