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How To Transfer Photos From OnePlus 6 To Laptop

Last Updated : Sep 16, 2021

How To Transfer Photos From OnePlus 6 To Laptop

In this article we will show you how to transfer photos from OnePlus 6 to laptop, smartphones today come with a great variety of features that make a mobile phone the most important gadget, almost a necessity in the digital world of today.

Since we use our smart phones for almost everything, from making a call to operating electronics from it, certain situations can arise wherein one has to free up some phone space due to shortage of memory.

Transferring photos from your phone to the PC also allows you to access pictures from the desktop and acts as a backup in case you damage your mobile phone.

This article talks about how you can transfer photos from your OnePlus 6 to your PC. There are various ways to do the same-

Step By Step Guide On How To Transfer Photos From OnePlus 6 To Laptop :-

First method is using a USB cable

  1. Plug in your device with the laptop using a USB cable.
  2. Wake up your mobile phone to pull down the Notification Bar or panel and choose the ‘Media device(MTP)’ mode or the ‘Camera(PTP)’.
  3. Wait for a while for your laptop to be connected to your mobile phone. Once connected, you will be able to access all the photos and other data by opening the ‘My Computer’ folder on your laptop.
  4. To access the photo gallery, open the ‘DCIM’ folder under the My Computer folder. Here, your OnePlus 6 mobile device will appear as a removable drive on your laptop.
  5. In the DCIM folder you will be able to view all the photos clicked and saved on your mobile phone. Select the ones you wish to transfer to the PC or laptop.
  6. Now, on the chosen picture(s), click the right button on the mouse or touch pad to open a dropdown list.
  7. From this list, select the ‘Copy’ option and paste it in the location of your choice on the laptop or PC.
  8. You have successfully transferred the photos to the laptop or PC!

Second method to transfer photos is by using the Google Drive. Follow the steps below for this method-

  1. A pre-requisite of this method is to have the ‘Drive’ installed in your mobile phone.
  2. If not, first download it from the Play Store on your OnePlus 6 mobile device.
  3. Once downloaded, open the app and log-in using your Google account. The same account will be used when you want to log-into your Drive on the laptop.
  4. Once you log-in to Drive app on your mobile phone, click the "+" or "Upload" button on the screen to upload the pictures you wish to on your Google Drive.
  5. Log-in to your Google account on the laptop or PC. Go to the ‘DCIM’ folder in the My Computer folder Now, you will be able to view all the photos on your phone choose the ones you need
  6. Finally, download them to your laptop or PC and you are done!

Conclusion :-

The two simplest and fastest methods of transferring photos from your OnePlus 6 phone to the laptop or PC helps you are risk-free and secure.

There are various other methods as well to do the same, some are like Using the Bluetooth of both devices, Using apps like Mobikin Assisstant for Android, Using backup etc.

I hope this article on how to transfer photos from OnePlus 6 to laptop helps you.