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How To Track Someone's Instagram Location

Last Updated : Nov 22, 2021

How To Track Someone

In this article we will show you how to track someone's Instagram location, tracking location can be very useful if you want find out a person's live location. It is very easy to find out someone's location because nowadays people leave tons of digital footprints.

There can be various reasons why you want to track someone's location, you may want track your kid's location for their safety or maybe your wife's.

You may have some out of the box reason to track someone but in any case we strongly advise you to not track anyone's location without taking their permission as it is illegal and can get you in trouble. It is an unethical practice.

There are many options by which you can track someone's location. You can either do it from Instagram by checking their profile or if you want precise location then you can use various apps that help to find out the live location of a person by using their Ip address.

The latter is a very tricky process and for this you will have to initiate a conversation with the person whose location you want to track and ask them to click on a link. Let’s see how to do track someone's location from Instagram.

Step By Step Guide On How To Track Someone's Instagram Location :-

Method 1 - By Checking The Post

The easiest way to find out someone's location is by going through the pictures they have posted. Follow the given steps to know how.

  1. Open your Instagram and tap on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the screen to open the search bar.

    How To Track Someone Instagram Location

  2. Now search for the username of the person whose location you want to find out. Tap on their name in the search results and open their profile.
  3. Now scroll down and go through their posts, if the person posts frequently then he/she may have mentioned his location in any of the post. You will see their location just below their username on the respective posts.

    How To Track Someone Instagram Location

Note- This method is not very effective as locations can be false and confusing also it is not the live location of the person. Chances are very less that the person will mention his location in the post as it is not mandatory.

Method 2 - By Using Third Party Websites

You can use third party websites which will you to find out someone's location. Grabify is one such website. Follow the given step to know how you can find out someone's location using Grabify.

  1. Open your web browser and search for Grabify. Tap on the first search result.
  2. On the website there will be an option to create an URL. Tap on it and your URL will be created. A track code will also be generated, save it for future use. Now you will need to share this URL with the person whose location you want to track. It will in the form of a link and the concerned person will have to click on the link.
  3. Once they have clicked on the link all you have to do is to enter the track code which had been given to you while generating the URL. Now you are all set. You can now track the person's location.

Note- It is strictly advised to only use tracking with prior permission from the concerned person. You will be breaching their privacy otherwise. This is an illegal practice and you can be booked for cyber crime if caught.

Conclusion :-

In this article we showed you how to track someone's location from Instagram. I hope this article on how to track someone's Instagram location helps you.