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How To Tie Up With Swiggy From Home

Last Updated : Oct 19, 2021

How To Tie Up With Swiggy From Home

In this article we will show you how to tie up with Swiggy from home, having a tie up with online food ordering apps is essential for any restaurant- small or big. Given below is a detailed procedure on how to tie up with Swiggy from home.

Note- Before tying up with swiggy, you must have a permanent address for your restaurant and all the hard copy of the documents required.

Step By Step Guide On How To Tie Up With Swiggy From Home :-

  1. Visit your swiggy app or simply go to Tap on the option Partner with us placed at the footer of your screen.

    How To Tie Up With Swiggy From Home

  2. Submit all your basic information like: Restaurant name, Pincode, State, Location, Contact number

    How To Tie Up With Swiggy From Home

  3. Tap submit once you provide all the required information. Swiggy will ask you for additional details once you tap on Submit option.

    How To Tie Up With Swiggy From Home

  4. In order to proceed further, you must have certain documents in hand to complete the tying up procedure with Swiggy. You must have details about: Cuisine Types, Outlet Number, Restaurant Area, Cost for 2, Link of your website.
  5. You must have soft copies of some important documents required for registeration process as listed below: Shop License, FSSAI License, GST number/PAN information, Takeaway bill, Menu image, Passbook
  6. Also in order to tie up with Swiggy you need few more formalities like having images of your restaurant outlet. Images of the facade, kitchen, dining and packaging, and restaurant interior shots. Make sure all the images you placing in the form are in jpeg format.

    How To Tie Up With Swiggy From Home

  7. Once the form is filled with all the required details, click on submit option. After this, a Swiggy official will get in touch with you for the agreement of partnership.

    How To Tie Up With Swiggy From Home

  8. After submission of the form with all the details, a confirmation notification is sent to you by Swiggy. The confirmation notification can be sent through any medium like mail or a call confirming that your process is completed for tying up with Swiggy.

Benefits Of Partnering Up With Swiggy :-

  • Swiggy spends huge amount of money on advertising and marketing. Swiggu your brand more visible by having you on their platform. They help you to outgrow your brand and establish yourself with such heavy marketing.
  • With traffic coming into Swigg in huge amouts, there are heavy chances of you receiving an order and increase your sales. The reason behind this huge traffic is due to their promotion and advertising policies. Thus saving your money and time.

Conclusion :-

The steps mentioned above in the whole procedure are quite elaborative and easy for anyone to understand.

You just need to be careful while submitting all the details in order to get listed. I hope this article on how to tie up with Swiggy from home helps you and this platform really help your restaurant to stand in this competitive online food ordering outlet.