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How To Tell If You're Blocked On WhatsApp

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Tell If You

In this article we will show you how to tell if you're blocked on WhatsApp, there is no hundred percent surety that a person has blocked you but you can try some different ways to make sure that it blocked you on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp provides its user the feature of blocking a particular contact to whom you no longer wish to chat.

There is no direct way of confirming that it blocked you on WhatsApp but you can try some methods which can ensure you.

WhatsApp also enables you to see the list of all the contacts you have blocked on your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp does not notify the other person when you block them or you are being blocked by them.

Step By Step Guide On How To Tell If You're Blocked On WhatsApp :-

  1. Some people wish to turn off their online status. In case you suspect this pattern for a longer duration of time, it may happen that the person has blocked you.
  2. The next indicator is to check the profile photo of the person. In case a particular user blocks you on WhatsApp you can no longer see his profile picture for any update of his or her profile picture. If you always know that person always places a profile photo and it is no longer visible then it's a sign that he or she blocked you on WhatsApp.
  3. You can also directly send a message to the contact who has blocked you. If the message sent by you is always a single mark and is not converted into a double check mark, then it means your message has not been delivered yet and he or she has blocked you.
  4. You can also try to contact the person by calling him on WhatsApp. If the WhatsApp call is always showing you as calling and it never converts to ringing, it means you are blocked by him or her on WhatsApp. A blocked user on WhatsApp can no longer call a particular contact.
  5. The last indicator to check whether you are blocked on WhatsApp or not is to create a group and add the user in it. In case you cannot add this user in the group it means you are blocked by him or her. You will see a message as it does not allow you to add this contact. This gives you the confirmation that you are blocked on WhatsApp.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to tell if you're blocked on WhatsApp helps you and in this article we covered an essential guide.

We have discussed five indicators that can confirm if you are blocked on WhatsApp or not. I hope this article is helpful for you and solves your query.