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How To Share Location On WhatsApp Status

Last Updated : Dec 2, 2020

How To Share Location On WhatsApp Status

In this article we will show you how to share location on WhatsApp status, WhatsApp which is the biggest chatting platform nowadays, enables you to share many things to your friends and your family. Such as text, media (pictures, video and audio), contacts, location.

It’s getting bigger and bigger every day. People love it and hence it’s success and as it is achieving success new features and better features are being added to it. It is also secure hence people trust that their information is safe.

Even though more than 29 million messages are sent via WhatsApp in every one minute it is still up and running and safe too, all the data is encrypted even WhatsApp itself cannot access the data, so there you have information about it’s security.

But still sharing location is a critical thing, location must only be shared to the close-one’s. Many crimes can be avoided if one doesn’t know about one’s location. The world has changed and so are the people, people nowadays just want good for themselves, people are self-centred nowadays. So, keep these things in mind and go forward only after understanding the points above.

Every life is precious and so is your life. It is also beneficial to a extent, consider if somebody is stuck at a place and they need to their friends near that place to find that person, in that case it useful or if someone just wants to brag about that he is at that lavish hotel or an expensive restaurant in France, one can do that too.

Like any other feature it depends on the user how he uses it. So, use it only for your benefit just don’t go too far. This article will tell you how you can share location on your WhatsApp status. User can share their location to somebody in their chat box, but if someone wants to share their location to their WhatsApp status.

Like someone really wants to tell everybody where he is only then. One’s location is a private thing so one should not share such thing at their WhatsApp status, even if one wants to share their location on their status they must take precautions before sharing it, precautions like turning status privacy ON to their known personnel only. Even if one is not sharing location on status, user must take this measure into consideration.

Step By Step Guide On How To Share Location On WhatsApp Status :-

  • Turn ON your GPS and tap for your current location.

    How To Share Location On WhatsApp Status

  • Open your map application (could be any map).
  • Tap at the pin-point (which says you are here).

    How To Share Location On WhatsApp Status

  • Tap at the share option.

    How To Share Location On WhatsApp Status

  • A box will pop-up, select WhatsApp from it and tap at “My Status”.

    How To Share Location On WhatsApp Status

  • You can add text with this location, if you want to specify why you shared your location.

Conclusion :-

Just these are the simple steps, one can perform to receive this end result. I hope this article on how to share location on WhatsApp status helps you