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How To Share A Post On Instagram

Last Updated : Nov 21, 2022

How To Share A Post On Instagram

In this article we will show you the solution of how to share a post on Instagram, you can easily share public posts with your friends and followers on Instagram with the help of the share icon placed at the bottom of every Instagram post.

Sharing a post on Instagram is very common as It helped followers and friends to get to know more about an interesting topic that inspires both of them.

You can easily share posts on Instagram by using its official application available for Android and IOS users just follow the steps given below in order to share a post on Instagram.

Step By Step Guide On How To Share A Post On Instagram :-

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. To log into your Instagram account, enter your email address, username, and mobile number along with a password.
  3. You will see 5 tabs after successfully logging into your account. positioned at the screen's bottom and designated as home. reels for search. Profile and notifications.
  4. Pick "Home" from the menu.
  5. The post is clearly accessible on the Instagram account you follow.
  6. To view the account's Instagram feed, which contains all of the posts, tap on the username to open the profile page.
  7. You can also type the username into the search field if you can't find the account in the home tab.
  8. Once you locate the account, you will view all of the Instagram account's posts.
  9. Make sure the Instagram account from which you are sharing the post is public so that your friends and followers may see it.
  10. The next step is to search for the post you wish to share on your Instagram by browsing the Instagram feed of that particular user.
  11. Following your selection of the post, you will notice four buttons at the bottom: like, comment, share, and save.
  12. You must select the share icon located in the post's bottom left corner. How To Share A Post On Instagram
  13. Once you tap on the share icon it will show you, various followers and friends, to whom you regularly share the post on Instagram.
  14. While sharing the post on the Instagram story to your friends and followers you can also write a customised message that will immediately send to all the users to whom you share the post on Instagram.
  15. In the text field called write a message you can easily enter the text that you want to send by sharing the post. How To Share A Post On Instagram
  16. in case you want to share the post on group you can also click on the group icon placed at the right corner of the search bar.
  17. Now simply at the name of the group or you can also enter the username in the next text field to share the post. How To Share A Post On Instagram
  18. To share a post on Instagram to a single user, click the send option place next to the username. How To Share A Post On Instagram

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to share a post on Instagram helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.