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How to set WhatsApp status in Jio phone

🕐 1 Jan 23

How to set WhatsApp status in Jio phone

It is a very common question to ask every Jio phone users and they are eager to know how to set WhatsApp status in Jio phone. Jio phone will soon get WhatsApp status update as per report. The status feature on Jio phone is at “gold master” stage which proves the same.

Now we talk about Jio kaiOS phone not android smart phone because it is very easy to set or see the status of any android smart phone but it is quite difficult in reliance Jio phone easily, that’s why you can fell different between Jio phone and smart android phone.

About kaiOS based Jio phone

KaiOS makes application for feature keypad phone, it provides an application to your keypad phone run like smart phone, there are many popular app list in this application like: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google maps, Google search, Google assistance, etc. and in future they will be add more application in KaiOS store.

One thing you will have to mind it, kaiOS is not android based application, it is a HTML based java supported operating system and its work only java supported app not android supported app.

The main motive of kaiOS based application is, connect normal feature keypad phone to social media that’s why WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter popular app is included in kaiOS store where you can feel in normal feature keypad phone like a smart phone.

How to set WhatsApp status in Jio phone

Conclusion :-

As we all know that Jio is normal keypad feature 4g phone which is kaiOS (java supported application) based operating system, so now the question is raised by the Jio phone users, how to set status in Jio phone, so there is no update right now about WhatsApp status in Jio phone, and if we talk about You tube tricks, we don’t know how it is possible.

If you search in you tube, how to set WhatsApp status in Jio phone then you tube will show you, how to give feedback to WhatsApp in Jio phone, WhatsApp and Jio phone until give any official announcement that how to set or see WhatsApp status in Jio phone.

As soon as possible this feature may be included in kaiOS store, then you can use this cool feature in your Jio phone, I hope the information that is given above is fruitful for the all Jio users.