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How To Set Up A Facebook Live Event

Last Updated : Nov 17, 2021

How To Set Up A Facebook Live Event

In this article we will show you how to set up a Facebook live event, Facebook launched Facebook live in 2015 and it has become extremely popular among users since day one. With a few clicks you can broadcast a live event on Facebook.

Facebook live can be a very useful tool if you want to boost your business. Data shows that Facebook live has 6 times higher engagement then the normal videos you post on Facebook and Facebook’s updated algorithm will now place Live videos higher in the news feed.

Because of all these reasons more and more people are now trying their hands on Facebook Live. You may now have realized How effective Facebook live is.

It is a great way to connect with your customers and increase engagement with them.

Interacting with customers makes it easier for them to trust your business. You can host regular live events to increase your reach and attract more customers.

You can launch new products and Hold QNA sessions using the live feature. Customers love the business that constantly interacts with them because it makes them feel like the business is not just an Entity.

After reading this article you will be able to set up a Facebook live event all by yourself.

To setup a live event you do not need a lot of equipments, just a Smartphone, Tablet or laptop with a good camera and of course a strong internet connection.

Make sure you are in a lighted environment. You can consider buying lighting equipments for better quality.

It is better to prepare for the live event in advance, you can write outlines of the points you will be talking about in the event. You can prepare all the content in advance for better engagement.

You can use third party apps to enhance the streaming experience, For example you can use Zoom if you want share some kind of presentation or pre recorded video on your live event.

Step By Step Guide On Step By Step Guide On How To Setup A Facebook Live Event :-

Facebook live is a great way to interact with your audience in real time, follow the steps given below to set up a Facebook live event-

  1. Open the Facebook app in your Smartphone, desktop or tablet and login to your account.
  2. If you want to go live from your account with a mobile device then tap on Live from your home page

    How To Set Up A Facebook Live Event

  3. If want to go live on your Facebook page then navigate to your page and click on Live on the top of the page. Now you can either go live instantly or schedule it for later.
  4. Add a description to your live event to make it more informative for audience. You can also tag your friends in the live event.
  5. Click on Finish when you want to end the live event.
  6. You can also share the Live video on your page so that people who could not join the live event can also watch it later.

Conclusion :-

Facebook live is a great way to increase audience engagement. In this article we have explained how to set up a live event on Facebook. I hope this article on how to set up a Facebook live event helps you.