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How To Send Image As PDF In WhatsApp

🕐 1 Jan 23

How To Send Image As PDF In WhatsApp

In this article we will show you how to send image as pdf in WhatsApp, people use various picture sharing applications like Snapchat and Instagram to share pictures with their friends and family. People can click pictures like that of a professional camera on mobile phones now.

Mobile brands now provide really powerful camera now, a decade ago they were so weak and with low-quality. In a decade, quality of camera is increased to a great height and is still increasing at a pace. Many global leading brands have made significant increase in their quality.

Social media is also an essential part of human life nowadays. Most of the people are on at least one social media. For the purpose of texting, WhatsApp is the application which stands out. WhatsApp is used by many people, with good texting experience, WhatsApp also provides us with many-many features.

Features like video call, voice call, emojis, gif’s, media sharing capabilities. As WhatsApp is the most used application for texting, then it is obvious that people will share media files from this application much too. We all know that when we share an image file from WhatsApp it’s quality decreases it becomes blurry. We can solve this problem by sharing image files as pdf files, but how can we do it?

In this article we will tell you how you can share image files as PDF files on WhatsApp. Sharing image files as PDF won’t decrease the quality of the picture. It is a really good method because people always keep on finding the answer to this problem.

Step By Step Guide On How To Send Image As PDF In WhatsApp :-

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Open the chat-box of the contact with which you want to share the file.
  • Tap at the icon marked in the picture mentioned below.

    How To Send Image As PDF In WhatsApp

  • Tap at documents.

    How To Send Image As PDF In WhatsApp

  • Navigate to the picture which you want to send.

    How To Send Image As PDF In WhatsApp

  • Your picture will now be sent as PDF file with no drop in the quality of the image.

Conclusion :-

Simple step to send image file as a PDF file is told to you. I hope this article on how to send image as PDF in WhatsApp helps you and now you can send images as PDF via WhatsApp and avoid image compression and low quality image and there any many other benefits as well.