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How to see unknown number WhatsApp DP

Last Updated : Sep 11, 2020

How to see unknown number WhatsApp DP

If you are looking for ways on how to see an unknown number’s WhatsApp DP then you have definitely hit the right article. In this article we will show you how to see unknown number WhatsApp DP

With WhatsApp rolling out new features every now and then it becomes very essential for the users to know all the tiny details of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp as everyone is quite aware is a cross platform messaging and voice over IP service which is now owned by the social network giant Facebook.

It is a free App and can be downloaded easily from Play Store or App Store. It allows the user to make national and international audio/video calls using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

In this article I will show the readers on how to view a Display Picture or DP of a person who is unknown to you or if the person is not there in your phone’s contact list.

First and foremost, if the user is unknown to you, you need to either save the number in your phonebook or add the number in your WhatsApp contact list directly.

If the particular number is in WhatsApp and has set a DP you can simply see it on your phone’s screen just by tapping on the DP.

However, a WhatsApp user must know something about the Privacy settings.

How to see unknown number WhatsApp DP

Conclusion :-

The unknown number’s Privacy settings should be set to “Everyone” for the user to view the DP. Otherwise it is simply not possible for anyone to view the number’s DP.

Hope this article on how to see unknown number WhatsApp DP helps you