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How To Scan Amazon QR Code

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Scan Amazon QR Code

In this article we will show you how to scan amazon QR code, Amazon is India’s leading online platforms that offer a vast variety of products to buy from the comfort of your home.

The importance of digital transactions has increased after the pandemic of 2019 that brought the world to a standstill.

To ensure safety norms to prevent the spread of the infection, all online platforms promoted the already existing feature to scan the QR code on the label.

Amazon pay is a recent endeavor of the Amazon Company that allows one to link their UPI account and app wallet in order to ensure smooth and easy transactions without a fuss!

In this article, we will see with the help of the steps explained below, the process through which you can scan Amazon QR code.

Follow the steps below.

Step By Step Guide On How To Scan Amazon QR Code :-

  1. Open your Amazon shopping app using your mobile phone or laptop, etc.
  2. If you are not logged in by default, you will need to first enter the personal details associated with your account to gain access to your account.

    How To Scan Amazon QR Code

  3. Once you have successfully logged in to your account, you will be brought to the home page of your account.
  4. Here you will be able to see all the latest trends, deals and offers running on the site.
  5. On the screen, click on the ‘Amazon Pay’ icon by tapping on it with your mouse.
  6. This will open on your screen, the Amazon Pay page.

    How To Scan Amazon QR Code

  7. Here, you will be able to see various features. Towards the mid-section of the page, on the right side, you will be able to see the ‘Amazon Pay UPI’ icon to proceed further with the process.

    How To Scan Amazon QR Code

  8. Here, in the next step, next to the Your QR code, you will be able to see your QR code.
  9. This QR code can be scanned using any camera app to process further.
  10. To do so, open the Camera app on a device. Now bring the camera in front of the QR code in an aligned manner so that it can be read easily.
  11. Wait for some time for the QR code to be read and then proceed further.

This is all you need to do to access your QR code. Now, you can go ahead and engage in cashless and contactless transactions.

QR codes are the fastest way of accessing information, making payments, etc. It makes the entire experience extremely seamless and easy.

Apart from its convenience, it is the most sought after mode due to its high levels of security and safety.

Conclusion :-

This is how you can easily scan Amazon QR code using these easy steps. I hope this article on how to scan amazon QR code helps you.