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How To Restore WhatsApp Backup In iPhone

Last Updated : Nov 2, 2021

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup In iPhone

In this article we will show you how to restore WhatsApp backup in iPhone, it is a very simple And easy process. On iPhone you can easily restore your data with the help of iCloud.

WhatsApp enables the iPhone user to protect their data on the IT crowd with the help of Apple ID. The saved data includes all your chat, WhatsApp documents.

In case you have lost your WhatsApp chat because of any reason then you don't need to worry anymore as this article will help you restore the WhatsApp backup on your iPhone.

iCloud is one of the renowned and a secure cloud server which has the Apple user to keep a backup of all the important information which can be accessed when required.

In order to restore WhatsApp backup on iPhone there are some free requirements like-

  • Make sure that your iPhone is logged in with the same Apple account including the backup.
  • In order to restore WhatsApp backup make sure that your phone has enough storage to download all the data.
  • Make sure the phone number and the backup for which you are making are the same.
  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection so that the process doesn't get interrupted.

Step By Step Guide On How To Restore WhatsApp Backup In iPhone :-

  1. In your iPhone go to settings.
  2. Under settings, click on the option of General.
  3. Look for software updates and download the latest update if available.
  4. Look for the latest back off. click on the settings and visit your Apple account. Your name represents your Apple account.
  5. In iCloud, look for the option to manage storage. Under this option click backup.
  6. In backup, look for the data and size of the last backup. In case, the device listed below does not have any recent backup, then you need to back up the data on your iPhone before moving on forward.
  7. Visit app and data in the settings section and click on restore from iCloud backup.
  8. You need to sign in using your Apple ID. After successfully signing off, click on the option of Choose Backup and other documents from the list of backup provided by iCloud.
  9. Click on the option of restore. Now, wait till the files are fully downloaded on your iPhone.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to restore WhatsApp backup in iPhone helps you, in this article we covered an essential guide using iCloud.

This article also highlights the pre-requirements that you require in order to restore WhatsApp backup using iCloud.

There are different methods through which you can restore your WhatsApp backup on your iPhone using third-party applications such as AnyTrans.