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How To Repost Someone's Story On Instagram

🕐 1 Jan 23

How To Repost Someone

In this article we will show you how to repost someone's story on Instagram, Instagram stories is a perfect way to keep your audience interested, tell a bigger brand story, and build popularity with user-generated content.

Whether it's a quote that resonates with your brand, a series of collaborative behind-the-scenes videos, or a rave review of your product/service, repositioning is a perfect way to express your love with your audience.

That said the answer to the question 'how to post a story on Instagram' isn't always immediately obvious, You may have seen a story from someone you don't know personally, but you loved to reshape it, or it's a private account, or your company social media manager either forgot to tag you, and you'd like to use it.

The good news is that even in these cases, it's still entirely possible to reset Instagram stories.

Step By Step Guide On How To Repost Someone's Story On Instagram :-

Share Tagged Story :-

If you want to share any story in which you are already tagged, then it is not going to be a big deal for you as Instagram has a feature of direct sharing of tagged stories by following some steps. All the steps I have mentioned below: -

  • If your Instagram notification is active, then you will get a notification open that.
  • Go to your Instagram Direct Inbox by clicking the paper aeroplane icon at the top right of the home page of the app, then tap the person who tagged you with the direct message.
  • If you were just tagged, it should be the first one, and it should contain a "Add This to Your Story." choice inside the message.

    How To Repost Someone Story On Instagram

  • Tap 'Add This to Your Story,' and the story of your friend appears with a thick border around it.

    How To Repost Someone Story On Instagram

    How To Repost Someone Story On Instagram

  • If it were your own post, you would then resize the post, add text, stickers, sketches, and more, practically everything you can do.
  • You can't edit the story's original material, though.
  • Post it as your own story when editing is finished, where it'll be visible for 24 hours. When your followers look at your story, they can see the username of the original poster at the top of the story. They can also long-press the story to view a tag that can be tapped to the page of that friend.

Record Your Screen :-

If you are not tagged in any story, but you want to repost it, then the best way to repost photo story is to take a screenshot and then repost it. But in the screenshot has one limitation that we cannot share video story. So to overcome this limitation, we will be using a mobile screen recorder and then post that recorded story. We can use XRecorder by Inshot for recording our mobile screen.

  • Install the application from the application store.

    How To Repost Someone Story On Instagram

  • Then open it and give all the permission required by the application.
  • Then you will see the Red dot icon in the bottom-mid area if you click that it will start recording.

    How To Repost Someone Story On Instagram

  • And then at the same place if you tap on the square icon it will stop recording.

    How To Repost Someone Story On Instagram

  • Once you stop the recording, it'll automatically get saved in your device then you can open that recorded file and share in your Instagram story and also customize the video.

    How To Repost Someone Story On Instagram

Conclusion :-

Instagram has not provided any feature for story sharing in which you aren't tagged. Hopefully, Instagram will work on it in future make story sharing feature available.

For now, you can use the above methods for reposting stories and I hope this article on how to repost someone's story on Instagram helps you.