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How To Remove Cancellation Fee In Swiggy

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Remove Cancellation Fee In Swiggy

In this article we will show you the solution of how to remove cancellation fee in Swiggy, the largest online food ordering and delivery service in India is Swiggy, which also tops the list of India's unicorn startups.

Founded in Bangalore in 2014, the firm has since spread to even more over 100 Indian locations.

To make people's life easier, Swiggy offered quick pick-up and drop-off food delivery services.

A complete food order and delivery system that connects foodies and neighbourhood restaurants is offered, as well as a single point of contact for requests from a variety of restaurants.

When you ordered food on Swiggy and then after you changed your mind, and you want to cancel the order that you have placed on Swiggy.

And you might see cancellation fee that was charged on you for cancelling the order.

In this article we explain you how to remove cancellation fee in Swiggy.

Generally, once an order has been placed, the buyer has no right to cancel it.

Only one minute after placing the order can the buyer decide to cancel it.

However, according to the Buyer's prior history of cancellation, even if the cancellation was started by the customer and was followed immediately by account suspension, Swiggy maintains the right to refuse any refund to the customer if it deems it necessary in its reasonable opinion.

Yes, you get a short period of time to cancel your order after you place it.

After the restaurant had approved an order, it cannot be cancelled. Although the restaurant or customer care can accommodate a specific cancellation request.

The processes to cancel a Swiggy order are as follows after your order has been accepted by the restaurant

Step By Step Guide On How To Remove Cancellation Fee In Swiggy :-

  1. After placing an order.
  2. Go to the order details of the food order that you have placed.
  3. "View order information" should be chosen in the order details.
  4. Click on the help option from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click on "I wish to cancel my order" option.
  6. The chat window with Swiggy customer care will now appear.
  7. The cancellation must be justified by the user. It is like the ordered person should give the proper reason for cancelling the order.
  8. To cancel an order, you must provide a reason.
  9. After that, Swiggy will ask if you still wish to cancel the order that you have placed.
  10. It is mandatory to click "Yes, I want to cancel my order" if you want to cancel the order.
  11. Your order will be cancelled by Swiggy without any fee.

Swiggy will call your registered cell number or the number you provided to the restaurant when making your purchase to let you know if your order is not available.

You are still qualified for a refund under Swiggy's return policy if you do this.

Conclusion :-

This article deals with the solution on how to remove cancellation fee in Swiggy.

Once the service has authorised the order, food delivery platforms do not allow cancellations, even though you can directly request one through the restaurant via customer care.

The customer service representative will ask and will need a strong justification for cancellation.

They will quickly clarify whether or not your order has been cancelled once you have given a sensible explanation.

I hope this article on how to remove cancellation fee in Swiggy helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.