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How To Remove Bank Account From PhonePe

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Remove Bank Account From PhonePe

In this article we will show you how to remove bank account from PhonePe, you can easily remove your registered bank account from PhonePe by using its official website and application for Android and IOS users.

Every user has their own specific reason in order to remove or delete their Bank account details from the PhonePe.

In case you are looking for a solution on how to remove a bank account from PhonePe this is the right article for you just follow the steps given below in order to remove a bank account from PhonePe.

Step By Step Guide On How To Remove Bank Account From PhonePe :-

On Android Device

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. In the search bar, you need to type PhonePe.
  3. Now click on the option to install in order to download this application on your Android device.
  4. Once the application is successfully installed click open to proceed further.
  5. Now you need to log in to your PhonePe account by entering your phone number and the four-digit password to proceed further.
  6. After successfully login into your PhonePe account, you will see 5 tabs placed at the bottom of the screen.
  7. These tabs are called home, stores, switch, my money and history.
  8. Click the option my money placed at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  9. In my money page you will see various options for investment, insurance and payment.
  10. Under payment you will see various options which include bank account, debit card, credit card, auto pay, PhonePe wallet, gift cards and others.
  11. Click the option bank account under Payment heading.
  12. Once you click on this option you will see the list of all the banks that are linked with PhonePe accounts.
  13. Now you need to select the specific bank account that you want to remove from PhonePe.
  14. Once you tap on the specific Bank you will see its details mentioned on the next page such as type, branch, IFSC, balance and BHIM UPI ID.
  15. Below are all these details regarding the bank that you have linked with the phone pay you will see the option of unlink bank account.
  16. Click this option placed at the bottom of the screen in order to remove your bank account from PhonePe.
  17. Once you click this option and popup box will appear on your screen which will inform you that if you unlink this bank account, you will not be able to make any of the transfers by using the PhonePe application.
  18. You need to confirm your choice by clicking the option unlink placed at the bottom of the popup box.
  19. After confirming your choice it will display as unlink successful at the bottom of the screen.
  20. Once the bank is removed from the PhonePe, it will also be removed from the list of the bank visible in the payment option.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to remove bank account from PhonePe helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement, in this article we covered an essential guide on how you can remove a bank account from PhonePe on an Android device.