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How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One For YouTube

Last Updated : Sep 4, 2021

How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One For YouTube

In this article we will show you how to record gameplay on Xbox one for YouTube, YouTube is a platform where not only basic tutorials or recipes are found, it is a hub of various and unique form of videos.

One category that has been a part of YouTube for quite a long time is gaming genre. The gamers are one of the skilled players in different types of games and most of the times provides hacks to people.

It is a very unique genre as it require a great level of dedication and proficiency. You can think of making a YouTube channel for gaming purposes but mind you, it is one of the most time consuming genres.

Gaming may appear an easy task but it hours of specialization and focus. But we are talking YouTube here. You must know to entertain your audience and should monetize your account.

As the world is moving fast, for YouTube you must work in order to gain profits out of your handwork. It is not easy to even do gaming for hours. One can fall sick and must take care of themselves.

But back to our YouTube discussion. YouTube provides great benefits to gamers who post consistently and make their videos entertaining in order to attract audience and enjoy it.

But how to record your gaming screen when playing? Well we got the solution for you and we will make sure you understand it easily.

All you have to do is follow the given steps with concentration and take your time to understand it. This will only take your 10 minutes but will be helpful to you for all time. So let us understand how to record the gameplay on Xbox for YouTube within few steps

Step By Step Guide On How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One For YouTube :-

You have to do these steps once your Xbox is open and you are ready to and experiment.

  1. As your headphones are connected to your Xbox, you have to say “Xbox record that” in the headphones and the recording will start. If this does not help you, move to the next step.
  2. You have to press the Xbox button that is present on your controller. This will open an Xbox panel which consists of information regarding Xbox DVR.
  3. You have to visit the “View” option and look for “record from here” option among all the options presented to you. Click on the told option and your game will start to record itself while you are playing. You must experiment beforehand your main game and see if it is recording or not.
  4. The DVR records up to 10 minutes of the gameplay which also sometimes depends on the left space in your Xbox storage.

Conclusion :-

This is how you record your gameplay in Xbox One and create videos for YouTube. I hope this article on how to record gameplay on Xbox one for YouTube helps you.