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How To Record Audio On PowerPoint Mac

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Record Audio On PowerPoint Mac

In this article we will show you how to record audio on PowerPoint mac, Microsoft PowerPoint 365 for Mac has come up with various type of sound files which can make your PowerPoint presentation much more interesting and effective.

A new feature has been added in Microsoft 365 in 2022. For example, MP3, WAV, AIFE etc. You can play the sounds for your audience; this feature can make your presentation more interesting.

In this article we will learn how to insert sound clip in your slides in Microsoft PowerPoint 365 from mac. Follow these steps one by one.

Step By Step Guide On How To Record Audio On PowerPoint Mac :-

  1. At first open Microsoft PowerPoint on your mac.
  2. Open the slide in which you want to put sound effects.
  3. Then go to the insert option ribbon.
  4. Now click on the audio button.
  5. There you will get a drop down in which you have to select audio from files.
  6. After this a fresh new page will open in which you have to choose audio from the audio dialogue box.
  7. Once you select one dialogue from the dialogue box, then click on insert button (This will add the audio to the particular slide which you have selected for audio.)
  8. After inserting the audio you will see an audio icon placed in the centre of the slide (Once you click on the audio icon the audio will start playing)
  9. You can also set your audio in automatic mode in this your audio or video will start playing automatically.
  10. First you have to select audio icon from the the playback option from the the ribbon tab.
  11. Then select the start option from the the playback tab.
  12. Once you select the start option you will get a drop down list.
  13. You have to select automatically option from the list.
  14. You can also select In Click sequence from the drop down list (In this option the sound will only play after you press the space bar also you can click the cursor on slide mode so that you can proceed to the next Event.)
  15. You can also use the third option “When Click On” ( In this option you have to click on the play option to play the video.)
  16. Once you are done with the setting part press save to save the file.

Conclusion :-

This is how you can add audio sound to your presentation just by following the above given step-by-step guidelines properly. I Hope this article on how to record audio on PowerPoint mac helps you to attach sound files to your presentation in mac.