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How To Put YouTube Video On WhatsApp Status

Last Updated : Jun 22, 2021

How To Put YouTube Video On WhatsApp Status

In this article we will show you how to put YouTube video on WhatsApp status, we know that there are some people who insist on sharing YouTube videos on their WhatsApp, whether it's a new album, movie trailer, or funny or entertaining YouTube video.

It's the simplest way to do it, and it just takes just seconds. WhatsApp is already one of the largest widely utilized communication platforms in the world as it allows users not just to communicate via voice and video.

But also to post pictures, images, Memes, as well as an endless amount of emoticons, both of which serves to strengthen a sentiment and is currently quite common.

The methods discussed are the simplest available, and you won't even need to download any additional tools to accomplish them.

These are also the most accurate methods for sharing YouTube videos on WhatsApp status, regardless of whether you're using any phone.

One thing to keep in mind is that WhatsApp's video shares a video of 16MB. Often, a status cannot be shared on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp.

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  • Open YouTube on your device and check for the video you want to post. Your device can either be android or IOS.

    How To Put YouTube Video On WhatsApp Status

  • Choose "Share" from the drop-down menu.
  • Regardless of any device, click the "Share" button or feature underneath the video you want to share.
  • After selecting the sharing option the next step is to choose the destination for the connection to be shared. Here you must choose WhatsApp and follow the steps outlined below.

    How To Put YouTube Video On WhatsApp Status

  • Choose where to send it from the above options. If you want to send it on WhatsApp then choose it.
  • When you pick WhatsApp, the app opens and shows your contact list as well as recent activity of those you've recently communicated with.

    How To Put YouTube Video On WhatsApp Status

  • You can send this video to anyone, whether it's a single link or a party, and then click the "Send" button once you've found them.

    How To Put YouTube Video On WhatsApp Status

  • You have successfully updated your status.

Conclusion :-

Typically, the very first method mentioned above would help you submit the videos as both a link including how to post a Video clip to WhatsApp instantly as a post.

WhatsApp has a video player, and users can opt to watch the video on WhatsApp or go to YouTube to watch it.

This approach is advantageous because it eliminates the need to first download and then post the video.

It allows you to keep the data that you can later download, upload, or email to your intended recipients.

To add a YouTube video to your Best WhatsApp, follow the procedure outlined earlier. If you can't share a YouTube video on WhatsApp due to any problem then you can download the video and then upload it to WhatsApp.

There is a program that allows you to quickly download YouTube videos to your smartphone and then post them on your WhatsApp status. I hope this article on how to put YouTube video on WhatsApp status helps you.