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How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram

🕐 1 Jan 23

How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram

In this article we will show you how to post split pictures on Instagram, Instagram is fast becoming most users favorite social media site to reach the audience. And its golden rule of life "Better is your personality, more opportunities you will get" and same goes with Instagram.

If your Instagram profile is a perfect mix of the funky and aesthetic profile, then there are more probabilities of getting more audience attracted towards your Instagram profile, and that's how you will earn more followers.

And by uploading banner type photo/split pictures can actually make your profile look awesome. So I have shared the possible methods of posting a split picture on Instagram.

Step By Step Guide On How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram :-

Using Photosplit app on Android phones :-

This app is pretty easy to use for Instagram split photos and is great for beginners. Or, anybody who wants a fast tool to get the job done.

PhotoSplit also offers a variety of grid options, including 1×2, 1×3, 2×3, 3×3 and 4×3, so you can choose an option that fits well for your picture. If you don't plan to use this feature a lot, you may not want to pay for the Pro edition.

However, if you see yourself taking full advantage of this app, it's worth a one-time fee instead of a monthly or annual subscription.

  • Open SplitApp application.

    How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram

  • Select photo from your mobile device that you want to split.

    How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram

  • Choose your grid option; You can choose from a 1-2, 1-3, 2-3, 3-3, or 4-3 alternative with this app.
  • Adjust your photo in grid space, PhotoSplit enables your image to be shifted, zoomed, or rotated, so take full advantage of it.

    How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram

  • Now split you a picture, When the ideal grid has been selected, press the Split button on the top right. Then Splitapp will then take you to a screen with your photos numbered and aligned to post them in the correct order.

    How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram

  • You can tap each photo on the grid and directly post it from the PhotoSplit app to Instagram. You can also save your split images to your Camera Roll, however, and upload them to Tailwind to post there in the right sequence.

Pinetools For Desktop Editing :-

PineTools is another great desktop tool that you can use to grid your images, and it offers a lot of choices for editing. Editing may be a little more advanced than the other apps and software listed, but it gives you all the power to choose exactly what your picture would look like to match your Instagram theme.

How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram

  • Choose the photograph you want to edit.
  • Choose "Split Image" on the left sidebar and get ready to create a grid image for your Insta profile.

    How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram

  • Select grid size, The standard grid options are not given by this tool, but instead, you have to choose exactly how to break your image.
  • Now that your image has edited as per your choice, PineTools will produce the pieces of your larger image for each row and column.

    How To Post Split Pictures On Instagram

  • Now download the images and upload them on your profile.

Conclusion :-

For making your Instagram look aesthetic, following the trend is significant. Instagram has always been a first-time visual site. Unlike Facebook, if they see a curated grid.

Instagram users are probably more likely to follow your account than if it's a seemingly disconnected assortment of jumbled pictures. So by using grid format, we can make it happen. I hope this article on how to post split pictures on Instagram helps you.