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How To Post Free Ad On OLX

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Post Free Ad On OLX

In this article we will show you how to post free ad on OLX, OLX is an online store, where seller and buyer have no limitation of purchasing and selling of product.

It is totally web based app and people are connected by internet. They can easily purchase and buying the product across the world. they have no geographical limitation for purchasing and selling of goods.

Nowadays people are preferring online services because these type of web apps are free of pollution, no crowed, save time, 24x7 services and no travelling.

In recent year buyer and sellers conducting research on products from local market to global market. The internet helps this business to make easier and time saving.

OLX makes people more convenient because it provides the user to sell used up services at good prices and at the same time the buyer buys with good sum of money.

It was basically designed to set up the buy and sell process offline to online. OLX can be handed on any devices such as windows, android and iPhone.

It is like an exchanger present in our pockets. It is the exchange engine where a seller can sell anything and buyer can buy anything from mobiles to automobiles.

OLX makes it so easy to connect people in their nearby with a goods of Buyers and sellers interest to buy, sell or exchange used goods and services.

Step By Step Guide On How To Post Free Ad On OLX :-

  1. OPEN YOUR OLX APP How To Post Free Ad On OLX
  2. TAP ON “SELL” – At the bottom of home screen of OLX is sell or plus sign is located. How To Post Free Ad On OLX
  3. CLICK ON CATEGORY-Select the category which you want for selling. How To Post Free Ad On OLX
  4. MENTION ALL THE DETAILS – After selecting of category you fill all the details about the product. How To Post Free Ad On OLX
  5. INSERT IMAGE – You can easily put real image or add image from photo gallery. Image should be clear. How To Post Free Ad On OLX
  6. FIXED DESIRED PRICE- Price must be set according to products condition and corresponding to market value. How To Post Free Ad On OLX
  7. CONFIM YOUR LOCATION- You must be confirm the location and give right address. How To Post Free Ad On OLX
  8. You get confirmation massage and your ad will shortly be live on the site.

Conclusion: -

I hope this article on how to post free ad on OLX helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement and these simple steps help you to post free ad on OLX.

OLX help to people to get products in reasonable price. Sometime buyers and seller are in same location and they easily get full description of product and get product in reasonable price.

OLX provide best opportunity or platform to buy and selling of good is free anywhere in India. It is one of the most reliable web app.