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How to ping on WhatsApp

Last Updated : Sep 23, 2020

How to ping on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become most popular app and successful app all over the word, and WhatsApp has come up with the new features which is ping on WhatsApp, in this article we will show you how to ping on WhatsApp.

We have discuss lots of features of WhatsApp now one of the most fruitful features we will discuss that is how to ping someone on WhatsApp chat, it is similar to Facebook and chatrooms like slack’s approach, where you type @ and the friends name brings up along with also bring up the list of matching name to select, but this feature works in a new update for iOS and android app.

The more formal way would be “do text me” whenever you get free, but now you can use WhatsApp ping feature whenever you get free this way is often used to imply that a text messages is the preferred means of communication or you have muted the chat, you will get a notification, if you pinged someone on WhatsApp group chat.

How to ping someone on WhatsApp

If you what to ping someone on WhatsApp chat or group so you can easily use this feature on WhatsApp, with the help of the let’s start the process begin below:

  • First, install the update version of WhatsApp on your iOS or android device.
  • Open the application on your device and go to the WhatsApp group chat.
  • After opening the group chat window you have to type an @ in the text window followed by the name (@name) of the person whom you want to ping.
  • Then the auto complete system will show you a tap with all matching group members to ping them.

    How to ping on WhatsApp

Conclusion :-

Apart from that you can also ping WhatsApp messages so you also need to download beta WhatsApp it’s a update version of WhatsApp, Open the WhatsApp application and to the conversation, and long press the message you want to ping after that you will see the ping icon at the top of the screen (tool bar) go to the tool bar, then tap on the ping icon, and selected messages will be ping at the top of the conversation similarly you can ping three messages, if you un ping the message long press the message and tap on the un ping option.

So this is very interesting feature of WhatsApp because of it you can see your important person or message at the top and highlighted on your device, hope you like this article on how to ping on WhatsApp and all are understood and it will help you to catch this feature easily.