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How To Order Food In Train From Swiggy

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Order Food In Train From Swiggy

In this article we will show you how to order food in train from swiggy, Swiggy is a food delivery app that delivers food to your doorstep at any time on any day. Swiggy allow users to order any amount of Food without any minimum limit that means you can even order a single Gulab jamun and fulfill your cravings.

You can order food from any of your Favorite restaurant with just a few clicks. Long gone the days when we had to physically visit the restaurants to place order for takeaway. Swiggy even offer users luscious discounts on their food orders.

Swiggy delivers Food anywhere be it your home, office or any other place but unfortunately it does not delivers Food in trains but that does not mean you cannot enjoy tasty food in Train.

Although it is not possible to order food directly to your train from Swiggy but you can order the food in the station and then quickly take it from there.

If your stop in the next station is more than 10 minutes then you can try this. You will have to order the food 30-40 minutes in advance from the time when you will reach the next station.

You can put the address of the railway station. You can even put the platform number. Pay for the food in advance because cash exchange takes time and you don’t have much time.

Step By Step Guide On How To Order Food In Train From Swiggy :-

Unlike Domino’s Swiggy does not have the option to deliver food directly in train but you can order food to the railway station and then take it from there. You will have to be quick because railway stations can be really confusing and busy. Follow the steps given below to order food in Train

  1. Open the Swiggy app on your device. Download it from Playstore or Appstore.
  2. After opening the app, set the delivery location by clicking on the top of the screen where you default address will be visible. Make sure you add the location of your next station for example If your next stop is Delhi ANVT then add Delhi ANVT in the address.

    How To Order Food In Train From Swiggy

    How To Order Food In Train From Swiggy

  3. Now select the restaurant from where you want to order. You might want to choose the restaurant which closer from the railway station.
  4. Now place the order by going through the cart. Your order will be placed once you select the payment mode in this case advance payment.
  5. Now you just have to be quick and take the food from the delivery agent in the next station. Contact him before your train stops and decide meet up point so that you don’t waste time finding the delivery agent.

Conclusion :-

You cannot order the food directly to your train but you can order it to your next stop and then take it from there. In this article we explained the possible way by which you can enjoy tasty food in the train. I hope this article on how to order food in train from swiggy helps you.