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How To Off Blue Tick On WhatsApp

Last Updated : Nov 18, 2020

How To Off Blue Tick On WhatsApp

In this article we will show you how to off blue tick on WhatsApp, privacy which is the basic need of humans, we as humans search for it everywhere. For some people maybe it doesn’t mean much, but most of the people crave for it. Privacy is also a basic human right that every human being should have.

People can go beyond limits for this, they work hard for this to afford privacy like buying their own house to have privacy or buy their own car to have privacy on road. We all need it and hence, this article.

Technologies keeps on developing forward and new features in various programs and stuff just keep on evolving. WhatsApp which is a mobile application which allows us to chat with our friends and families provides many features. In this application there is feature which tells us that someone has read the message.

Consider, if I have sent a text to someone, so if the receiver opened that text message then it will show a blue tick on my WhatsApp and if the text is only sent and the other person hasn’t read the text then it will only show double tick.

Some people don’t like this feature, they don’t want people to know that they have read the text message sent to them. So people can simply just turn that feature off. Even if some one opens that text message, the blue tick will never appear on the sender’s WhatsApp.

It is useful in many scenarios, consider, you are chatting with somebody on WhatsApp about something important and a third person sends a text to you and you open it by mistake, as you were chatting about something important with someone before this you will go back to that chat and continue chatting, in this case if you have blue tick ON then the third person will receive the blue tick and will wonder why haven’t you replied to their text even after you opened it, they might even think that you are rude.

So, to avoid this type of situation one must turn off that feature. One might also use this in a professional manner, like if somebody is a professional photographer, so that person can’t afford to turn ON this feature because professional photographer will have many DM’s regarding his work. So if he opens text message of somebody by mistake then blue tick will send off and that might create a problem.

Step By Step Guide On How To Off Blue Tick On WhatsApp :-

  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Tap at the 3 dots on top-right corner.

    How To Off Blue Tick On WhatsApp

  • Open Settings.

    How To Off Blue Tick On WhatsApp

  • Go to Account.

    How To Off Blue Tick On WhatsApp

  • Go to Privacy.

    How To Off Blue Tick On WhatsApp

  • Uncheck the ‘Read Receipts’ option.

    How To Off Blue Tick On WhatsApp

Conclusion :-

There you have it, after following these steps you can open anybody’s text box without any worry. I hope this article on how to off blue tick on WhatsApp helps you in turning OFF the blue ticks on WhatsApp