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How To Message Someone On LinkedIn About A Job

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Message Someone On LinkedIn About A Job

In this article we will show you how to message someone on LinkedIn about a job, In these times, especially after a global pandemic restricted everyone within the four walls of their home, social media platforms like LinkedIn provide professionals the opportunity to build and expand their network from the convenience of their homes.

Earlier days of waiting in long queues, travelling to faraway places to apply for a job have been replaced by the luxury of reaching out to prospective employers and applying for jobs with a click of the mouse.

Thus, it is crucial to understand the process and master the art of approaching recruiters in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Messaging recruiters directly is a feature available for Premium Membership users.

Step By Step Guide On How To Message Someone On LinkedIn About A Job :-

  1. Open your LinkedIn account on the website or the mobile application. On the search bar located at the top of the screen, enter the name of the person who you wish to send a message to regarding a job.

    How To Message Someone On LinkedIn About A Job

  2. This will bring you to the recruiter’s page. Below the person’s profile picture and introduction, you will see a ‘CONNECT’ icon, click on it to send a request for connection.

    How To Message Someone On LinkedIn About A Job

  3. Here you may add a personalized message like your brief introduction which will increase your chances of acceptance.

    How To Message Someone On LinkedIn About A Job

  4. If they accept your connection request, send a message to them expressing your gratitude. Your follow-up message should be crisp and convey your interest in the company and how you can benefit it with your skills and expertise.
  5. You can also message someone on LinkedIn without being connected to them using the LinkedIn InMail. Go to their profiles and click on the ‘InMail’ button to compose and send your message.

There are a few things you must keep in mind while reaching out to someone for a job on LinkedIn. These are as follows

  1. Send your resume with the message. This will help save time and effort, thus avoiding any delay.
  2. Before discussing the job role, make sure you complete the job application process online. This will make a good impression on the recruiter and validate your sincerity towards your career.
  3. Be clear and precise in putting forward your expectations and interests and most importantly, your reason for messaging them.
  4. Don’t ask too many questions at once. This will make it seem very chaotic and overwhelming for the recruiter.
  5. Keep your messages short and concise to about less than 100 words.
  6. Give proper formatting and spacing in your text in order to make it look more inviting and easy to read and manage.
  7. Sound confident in your approach and put forward your best foot without being arrogant.
  8. Don’t send the message without proofreading it first.
  9. Customize the message for every recruiter and don’t send automated messages.
  10. Make sure your profile is updated and complete as this can sometimes affect your chances of getting a job.

Conclusion :-

Approaching recruiters on platforms like LinkedIn may seem scary but if you do it in a crisp and professional way, it is bound to impress the other party and help you establish a relationship with them.

I hope this article on how to message someone on LinkedIn about a job helps you expand your network and accelerate your career growth!