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How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Good

Last Updated : Dec 21, 2020

How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Good

In this article we will discuss how to make your Instagram feed look good, attractive and eye-catching. As you know, Instagram is trending all over the world. And in this modern world; having an Instagram account is a must.

But how to keep your feed look good, maintained and attractive? How to get public attention and get thousands of followers? Learn it all about Instagram in this article!

It is necessary to have a great, systematically represented Instagram feed if you want to get more attention and want people to hit that follow button.

So to achieve that, we’re bringing you the best tips and steps to make your Instagram feed much better and attractive. So let’s see the steps you’ll need to follow:

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Good :-

Planning Your Instagram Feed :-

We all have to plan a format to execute something without any hurdle in real life. Same goes with Instagram’s social world. We need to plan how to posts and photos should be arranged, which photo should be posted first and which should be posted afterwards. Everything needs to be planned to keep your Instagram feed look good.

There are many mobile applications which makes this task very easy. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Unum
  • Planoly
  • Mosaico

These applications will help you know about your feed, before evening posting them, giving you the idea whether it looks good or not. Such applications are must if you want to make your Instagram look good.

Set A Theme Of Your Feed :-

Choose a theme for your Instagram feed. It’s like dressing up your Instagram with suitable coloured themes. You can choose your theme to be all blue, or pink, or black and white; according to your preference. Some examples have been mentioned for your reference:

  • @creativeandcoffee (pink)

    How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Good

  • @fursty (dark blue)

    How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Good

  • @jasonmpeterson (Black and white)

    How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Good

These themes tips will make your account look more amazing and eye catching and is the best way to get organic followers.

Managing Reels And Story Highlighs :-

As you all know, Instagram has announced a short video platform called reels and people tend to love it. We can grab this opportunity to make our feed as well as reels good.

  • Try making reels on niche.
  • Select a theme for reels as we selected a theme for our Instagram feed.

Try this one because it’s brand new and can help your reels section look organised and neat.

And we can’t forget about story highlights. Choose story highlight wallpaper similar to your theme and arrange accordingly. Check out story highlights below for reference.

How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Good

Conclusion :-

So, in this article, we got to know how to make your Instagram feed look good in few easy steps. Try them out and see a difference in your Instagram. Moreover, we wish that your query has been resolved and we helped you with this article.

You can check out more articles below. That’s it from our side. I hope this article on how to make your Instagram feed look good helps you.