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How To Make A YouTube Intro Animation

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Make A YouTube Intro Animation

In this article we will show you how to make a YouTube intro animation, as a lot of people are opting YouTube as their main source of money by making YouTube channels, they also prefer to have certain introduction animation.

People with good hand at animation can come up with basic animation easily but those who are new to this and want to learn some basic skills at this to at least start their page, we are here to help you.

YouTube is becoming one of the major sources of income because the monetization. After certain views, people start making money out of it and it is a great platform for all types of artists to come forward and show their content to people.

Such artist needs and people need introduction animation and there are few software that will help them come up with their own one.

For example, Filmora and Canva can help you. They are the most basic software that can be easily used by someone who is new to these things. These two provide a very normal and beginners friendly interface.

They are not that hard to install in your phone or laptop. In this particular article we will be telling you the basics of these software and hope you are able to come up with a creative into animation on your own.

Step By Step Guide On How To Make A YouTube Intro Animation :-

Make Video Intro Animation On Filmora

  1. Come up with some graphic design of your own and bring it Filmora 9 from media.
  2. Add certain types of background audio or sound that you like into your YouTube intro.
  3. Add text like your channel name and anything else that you please to put as the text.
  4. Go to effects tab and choose effects from the given options or download from the internet. Click and drag them to the text and graphics you want it into.
  5. Preview the final result and make changes that you think are necessary.
  6. Export the file from the top corner with the specifications of your own and your final YouTube intro animation is ready.

Make Intro Animation On Canva

  1. Open Canva either in your phone as an app or on your laptop. Sign in with your account or make a new account.
  2. With Canva, you either use the already available templates and edit them accordingly or create your own design with new background.
  3. With the help of their animation feature, make new intro video.
  4. Customize your design with several other options texts, effects, illustration and graphics.
  5. Once your design is finalized, export it and save it in your work.

Conclusion :-

This is how you make a YouTube intro animation on both Canva and Filmora with their in-built features. I hope this article on how to make a YouTube intro animation helps you and gave you insights on how to work with these two software and helped you making a wonderful intro animation.