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How To Make A Heading In Google Docs

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Make A Heading In Google Docs

In this article we will show you how to make a heading in google docs, in Google Docs a user can easily customize the heading for can also use the pre-defined headings. A user can easily customize the color and size of the headings along with the selection of bold, underline, or Italic.

Utilizing heading is very important to keep the title and headings in a presentable manner. It helps to maintain consistent formatting. Heading also help to create automatic content table which is very useful for the table of contents.

Step By Step Guide On How To Make A Heading In Google Docs :-

  1. Open google docs on your pc.
  2. In case it does not log you in to your account simply enter your valid email id along with password.
  3. Select the document where you want to separate the pages.
  4. Once the document is opened simply highlight the text that you want to make a heading in google docs.
  5. In case you want to make a heading out of a full block of text simply double click in order to highlight of full block of text.
  6. The menu shows you various options like file, edit, view, insert, format, tools, add-ons and help.
  7. Click the format tab.
  8. A pull-down menu will appear on your screen which will show various options like text, paragraph styles, align and indent, line spacing, kollam bullets and numbering, and formatting.
  9. Click the option paragraph style. A list of all the style will open in a pull-down menu.
  10. These styles include normal text, title, heading which range from 1 to 6.
  11. Select the heading of your choice from the pull down list.
  12. Two options will appear just beside the heading that you will select.
  13. These two options include apply heading and upload heading to match.
  14. Click the first option - apply heading

    How To Make A Heading In Google Docs

  15. After doing so the highlighted text will automatically change to the type of heading style you have selected.
  16. After placing headings in google docs you can also customize the look of your heading.
  17. Select the heading that you want to customize.
  18. Now you can easily be changed its size, color, and font at your own convenience.

    How To Make A Heading In Google Docs

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to make a heading in google docs helps you, in this article, we covered an essential guide and the steps mentioned above are called detailed and easy to follow.