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How To Listen To YouTube With Screen Off iPhone

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Listen To YouTube With Screen Off iPhone

In this article we will show you how to listen to YouTube with screen off iPhone, as we know YouTube has tons of videos. It is also the hub to so many music videos, remixes and lo-fi music that is most of the times not available in mobile music apps.

At some point of life, we all choose YouTube music over our music app that we have downloaded in our phones. But we all also familiar with the issue we face when we try to listen to music on YouTube.

Once we close the power button of our phone in order to save battery, we go face this problem where YouTube stops the video instantly. It assumes that you are no more watching the “Video” on the platform and stops it instantly.

We all are facing this problem with YouTube and have hard time losing our battery over the music we want to hear.

Well YouTube provides the option to let you hear a video even if you have turned the screen off. You have to buy the premium subscription to it and it will allow you to do this particular thing.

There are two ways as we talk about how to listen to YouTube with screen off. One option is going to cost you money while the other is easy and normal hack that helps you do this.

Luckily both the hacks are legal to do and you will not doing any illegal activity or harmful thing to solve your problem.

We are bringing both the options to our readers and decide which one they want to opt. now let us understand how to listen to music on YouTube with the screen closed in iPhone.

Step By Step Guide On How To Listen To YouTube With Screen Off iPhone :-

Update Your YouTube Account To Premium YouTube Account

These days, YouTube has updated its features for all its user and is coming with very great options to enjoy video streaming on it. To solve your problem of not being able to hear music from YouTube once the screen is off can be solved with the option to buy the Premium YouTube.

It has got many features that are favorable to users. You can have a video that is ads free and listens to the YouTube video even if your screen is off.

You can save your time and battery both together by switching to YouTube Premium.

With The Help Of Safari

The other option to listen to YouTube video once your screen is off in iPhone is with the help of your Safari app. Safari app is an in-built search engine in iPhone and it is user friendly.

If you are interested to listen to YouTube video with your screen off, you must open the same video in your Safari app by searching for it.

Go to the Safari app, search for, search the video you are interested in listening and play it. Press the power button to close the screen, look at your lock screen and you will find the same video bar you get when you hear music.

Press the play and the video will start and the music will be audible to you with the screen off in your iPhone.

Conclusion :-

These are two ways to listen to YouTuber with screen off in iPhone. One may cost you money while the other one is free and don’t worry, it is ethical to use Safari that way.

I hope this article on how to listen to YouTube with screen off iPhone helps you.