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How to know if someone has deleted you on WhatsApp

🕐 1 Jul 23

How to know if someone has deleted you on WhatsApp

In this article we will show you how to know if someone has deleted you on WhatsApp, WhatsApp has become a very popular messaging app nowadays, above 2.5 million people are still using it and it makes everyone’s life very communicative because of it you can connect with your friends and colleague even you can also share your important files and data with your closer one.

So it’s a good way to explore or built yourself, you can make voice and video calls and set daily status, nowadays people are using this app for increasing their business, so there are various advantages of using it.

But here, most of them ask a question, how to know if someone has deleted or blocked you on WhatsApp, so there is no way you can know sure if you are blocked or deleted by someone, but you might be able to look for some clues and make case for yourself.

If you are using WhatsApp and one of your friends or colleague which is in your WhatsApp contacts list, deletes you on WhatsApp but you don’t know, so there are various clues that will help you a lot to find or know, who is ignoring you on WhatsApp.

Step by step guide to know who has deleted you on WhatsApp

If you want to know, who has deleted/blocked you on WhatsApp, so you need to follow some steps which is given below

  • First open the WhatsApp application on your android smart phone.
  • Now tap on the chat icon which is located at top left corner of the WhatsApp conversation screen, then you will see the all your recent personal and group conversation.
  • Then scroll down and tap on a conversation of the person that you think might have delete/blocked you, and tap on it to open chat in full screen.
  • Send messages or other documents to your contact in the chat conversation.
  • Then check the thick mark beside the message if your contact has blocked/delete you, so your message or document will not deliver to them, you can only see the grey thick mark (single right sign) beside your message in the conversation despite two thick marks. (seeing one thick marks doesn’t mean that you are blocked/delete, it may be delayed due to bad network, if you are not sure, so you can check the thick mark again at a later time you can try to send new message, if you are blocked, so your contact will never receive any of your messages if they unblock you later)

    How to know if someone has deleted you on WhatsApp

  • If you are blocked, you will not see the profile picture of them contacts even won’t see the current status of them. (but it doesn’t mean that you are blocked, because you have a choice to set WhatsApp profile picture or not, if you don’t choose your profile picture so it will be always shown grey figurehead)

    How to know if someone has deleted you on WhatsApp

  • If you are blocked, you can’t see your contacts last seen information below their name at the top of the conversation. (but it also doesn’t mean that you are blocked because WhatsApp provides a feature to hide your last seen information)

Conclusion :-

So above all the clues may help you to know who can you delete/blocked on WhatsApp. I hope this article on how to know if someone has deleted you on WhatsApp helps you.