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How To Join Swiggy Delivery Boy In Chennai

Last Updated : Oct 19, 2021

How To Join Swiggy Delivery Boy In Chennai

In this article we will show you how to join Swiggy delivery boy in Chennai and along with all the necessary documents. Later, we will also discuss the incentive plans offered by Swiggy. First let's have a check on the few requirements in order to become a Swiggy delivery boy.

Swiggy Delivery Boy Joining In Chennai Requirements :-

  • Own bike or scooty
  • Understanding of basic English
  • Contributing 5-10 hours per day.
  • Identity card

Now after meeting the requirements, we will show you steps to join for Swiggy Delivery Boy in Chennai as mentioned below.

Step By Step Guide On How To Join Swiggy Delivery Boy In Chennai :-

  1. Visit After opening this link, you need to provide some details as mentioned - Name, City, Contact Number, Type of vehicle
  2. Now after filling the details required, you will recieve a call from Swiggy officials related to joining procedure. The Swiggy officials will inform you about the nearest centre of Swiggy recruitment and the documents required for the process.
  3. After getting to know all the details, go to the centre to submit the documents.
  4. Verify your documents before submission so no difficulty occurs during the verification process.
  5. After this step, the DE coach provides you with a training period.
  6. You need to deposit Rs. 600. The deposit is done in order to receive a swiggy t-shirt and a delivery bag.
  7. After completing all these steps successfully, they check The communication skills. It is important that the swiggy delivery boy must possess good English and Hindi skills.
  8. After all these steps, an individual is ready to become a swiggy delivery partner.

Swiggy Incentives :-

Swiggy executives are given various incentives by Swiggy. Here are few of them

  • Completion of minimum order targets.
  • Rs. 1 lakh- Accidental Insurance
  • Rs. 5 lakh- Medical insurance

Necessary Documents :-

  • Passport size photograph
  • PAN card
  • A driving licence
  • A bike having legal RC
  • Identity Proof
  • Passbook

Benefits Of Joining Swiggy As Delivery Partner :-

If you intend to join Swiggy as Delivery Executive, you are Swiggy's partner. The benefit of being a Swiggy partner is having flexibility of work.

You can join Swiggy as Full-Time Job, Part-Time Job, Temporary Job

  • Flexibility- Swiggy also offers you the advantage of choosing the location of work and also the shift you would like to work. You have the flexibility to work between day and night shifts.
  • Guarantee of minimum income- swiggy provides the salary on a weekly basis and you can earn as much as you can based on your efforts. swiggy also provides you the benefit of a minimum per day income guarantee.
  • Qualification not required- the best part about being a swiggy partner is that they require no High qualification to be a delivery partner. You just need to have a basic understanding of English in order to communicate.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to join Swiggy delivery boy in Chennai helps you, in this article we have included an essential guide. Furthermore, we have discussed the incentives and the advantage that a swiggy partner gets from swiggy.