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How To Give Permission To Access Google Drive

Last Updated : Nov 25, 2021

How To Give Permission To Access Google Drive

In this article we will show you how to give permission to access google drive, Google Drive helps you to share your files and folder with others. Google Drive protects your daughter and also allows you to fully control access to your files by granting permission to other collaborators.

You can easily share the file from the folder on the Google Drive home page or from within the file.

Step By Step Guide On How To Give Permission To Access Google Drive :-

  1. Open Google drive in your browser. In case you are not logged into your account simply enter your valid email id along with your password.
  2. The home page of Google Drive will appear on your screen showing multiple documents stored in your account. You can right-click on any document that will show a drop-down menu.
  3. This menu comprises various options including Preview, open with, share, get a shareable link, add a shortcut to drive, move to, add to starred, to rename, view details, make a copy, report abuse, download, and remove.
  4. Click the option of share.

    How To Give Permission To Access Google Drive

  5. A share dialogue box will appear on your screen which displays to option.
  6. The first option is that you can easily share the selected file by entering the email address. The second option is to copy a shareable link.
  7. The option discussed above are the same but granting permission is different for both the method.
  8. The option of share with people and groups permits you to set who has access to the selected document. With the help of this, you can easily send an invitation to the collaborator by adding the people and Groups. After receiving the invite the user can click the link present in the email Can easily search the file or folder you have shared with them.

    How To Give Permission To Access Google Drive

  9. When you enter The email address of the collaborator who can access your file, you can also grant permission by using the permission category next to it.

    How To Give Permission To Access Google Drive

  10. In the drop-down, you can choose from three options named a viewer, commenter, and editor.
  11. A viewer can only access the selected file as a view and read the document. However, a viewer can easily download the copy and add their own copy if they want to.
  12. A commenter cannot edit the content of the selected document but can easily suggest your suggestion with the help of comments.
  13. An editor can easily edit the complete document along with reading and writing. This person has the access to delete the file and folder once you are granted permission of being an editor.

Google Drive also provides an additional Share setting menu. With the help of this menu, you can inform if the editor has the authority over permission or not.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on how to give permission to access google drive helps you in this article, we covered an essential guide and the steps mentioned above are quite detailed and easy to follow.