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How To Get Refund From Swiggy

Last Updated : Nov 19, 2021

How To Get Refund From Swiggy

In this article we will show you how to get refund from Swiggy, Millions and millions Indians use swiggy everyday to order their food and groceries. It has emerged as India’s one of the most popular food delivery platform.

We all resort back to it to satisfy our late night cravings be it a pizza or chocolate sundae, they deliver it all to your doorstop.

The good thing is that there is no minimum delivery limit which means no matter what you want to eat you can order without worrying about a delivery limit. This also contributes to reduce food wastage.

Swiggy always maintains top notch delivery and packing standards, most of the times you will not find any spillage and defect in the packaging of your food item, but in case that happens you get eligible for refund of the same amount you ordered.

The refund can be either deposited to your bank account from which you placed the order or to you can get it as swiggy money. You can also ask for a coupon of the same amount. Which you can use the next time you place the order. The coupon will reduce the amount from your next order.

You will be eligible to get refund if-

  • You find spillage or tampering in your package.
  • The wrong order got delivered to you.
  • Some items are missing from your order.
  • You find some defect in the food like the food being uncooked or the presence of some unwanted elements.
  • You will full refund in case the delivery executive fails to deliver your order.

Note- You will not get any refund if you cancel the order after the cancellation period of 1 minute.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get Refund From Swiggy :-

  1. Unlock your phone and open the app tray. Now click on the "Swiggy" icon. After opening the app you will find an Accounts icon on the bottom right. Tap o it. The process is same in every device so it doesn't matters if you have IOS or android.

    How To Get Refund From Swiggy

  2. Now scroll down in the accounts page to find Help and tap on it.

    How To Get Refund From Swiggy

  3. On the Help page you will find your previous orders, tap on it and move forward to the next page. Tap on “I have payment and bill related queries for this order”. Now you will be taken to the help and support page, Type the problem you are facing in the chat box and a customer executive will attend you soon.
  4. You will need to add pictures of the condition of your order to get refund. If your order is damaged or spilled you can easily get a refund. The customer executive will ask you for the mode of refund. You can either get the refund as a coupon or get the amount transferred to your bank account.

Conclusion :-

We have explained how to get refund from swiggy in basic steps, You can easily get the refund by following the given steps. I hope this article on how to get refund from Swiggy helps you.