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How To Get More Discount On Flipkart

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Get More Discount On Flipkart

In this article we will show you how to get more discount on Flipkart, It's human nature to want more and when it's about discounts then we want to grab as much as we can because why not? Discounts never hurt.

Nowadays everyone is shopping online and Flipkart is the go-to website for all their needs. Flipkart is India's leading e-commerce website with over 10 crore users.

You can shop all the top brands from Flipkart. You can buy things on comparatively lower prices from Flipkart.

There are ways using which you can get Overwhelming discounts. One of the very easy ways is to wait for the right time. See a product's price never remains the same, it keeps fluctuating.

Take it as crypto currency, there's was a time when it's prices were touching the skies and now it's grounded, the same goes on with the products, the prices decrease when the demand decrease so just hang on and wait for the time. Patience is the key here.

Let's see how to get more discounts on Flipkart.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get More Discount On Flipkart :-

There are many ways to avail discount on Flipkart, in this article we will be telling you about the 3 most effective ways.

Method 1 - Using bank offers

On every product you will find a bank offer, these basically the discounts given to you when you complete your payment from a certain bank.

For example you get cashback up to 5 % on every order if you use Flipkart Axis Bank credit card. Similarly there are multiple bank offers using which you can avail impressive discounts on products.

Follow the given steps to avail bank discounts.

  1. Open Flipkart app on your mobile and tap on the search bar.
  2. Now the search for the product you wish to buy and select the product from the search result
  3. You will find an option All offers and coupon tap on it and check if you are eligible for any of the given offer. For example if there is an offer of 5% cashback with Flipkart axis bank credit then see if you have a Flipkart axis bank credit card.

    How To Get More Discount On Flipkart

    How To Get More Discount On Flipkart

  4. After checking the offers proceed to check out. On the payments page select the Debit card or credit card according to the offer, You can also choose to pay through EMI. You will see that the said amount will be deducted from the product value. Now complete the payment to place your order.

Method 2 - By Shopping On Sales

Always wait for the sales, Flipkart launches Sales every year, during these you can get the stuff of your choice at discount rates. The Big billion days sale is one such event.

Method 3 - Using Cashback websites

It is simple to use, Instead of going to the normal e-commerce website, You can go through the link provided by the cashback website.

All the prices will be same and your order will be delivered by Flipkart only but you will get some cashback money from the website. You can use apps and websites such as Cashkaro, Grabon Etc.

Conclusion :-

In this article we showed you how you can get extra discount on Flipkart, I hope this article on how to get more discount on Flipkart helps you.