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How To Get Google Play Balance

🕐 1 Jul 23

How To Get Google Play Balance

In this article we will show you how to get google play balance, google Play is a great way to download for free for video games, apps, movies, and books. It's also a great way to purchase them as well. Google Play is all about balance, the more you spend the more you have to spend on games and apps.

When it comes to storing money on your Google play account they have a few options that you can choose from before choosing how much money wants to be stored in your account.

The safest option would be by using PayPal because it's secure but PayPal only offers 2-factor authentication which will take your payment information away from Google Play once you pay with it.

Also, a good option is a bank account in which you can store your money, in this way it will be less easy for someone to have access to your account by just going into your bank account because they won't have access to your Google play password.

The last option would be the available credit cards that Google Play stores itself on, but if you want to get more of these payment options then you need more of them, which means that you'll need more money in order to get more of them.

You can however create an account with your email address and password on the application if you want to do so that your own balances are transferred directly to the linked bank accounts.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get Google Play Balance :-

  1. Go to your browser and log in to your google play account (if you haven't yet created one). Then click on "My Account".

    How To Get Google Play Balance

  2. From there click on "Payments & subscriptions" which is the next link below the name of your account.

    How To Get Google Play Balance

  3. When you click on "Payments & subscriptions" a new screen will open with a list of all the payment methods linked to your Google Play account, as well as a button that says Pay with Google.
  4. Clicking this button will take you to a new page, then enter your password and select change password if it asks for it, as well as you'll need to confirm the account creation if it asking for it.
  5. You'll then be taken to the page where you can enter your payment information.

    How To Get Google Play Balance

  6. When finished, you will see a screen like the one below and this will be your new and secret payment method. You can use it as often as you want but we will only use it in the following examples so save it for later should you need to.
  7. Now go back to your browser and log in to your Google Play account again (or create a new account if you haven't yet). Then click on "My Payment method". You should now see this screen, which is step 1 from your tutorial that showed how to get google play balance.

Conclusion :-

If you want to know how to get google play balance you only have to follow the steps. I hope this article on how to get google play balance helps you.